Dainese Avro D1 jacket

The Dainese Avro D1 is a sports jacket made of high quality leather. With an aggressive design, it stands out for its great versatility and the removable thermal lining, making it a perfect garment to wear throughout the year.

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Dainese Pro-Armor | new protections

Dainese presents its new range of protections, Pro-Armor family. It is a range of products that form an alternative to the rigid Wave and Manis protections of the brand for those who want lightness, ergonomics and ventilation without giving up safety.

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Shark Drak vs Scorpion Exo Combat

The Shark Drak and the Scorpion Exo Combat are two atypical helmets with a provocative design, ideal for the most daring bikers looking for a unique and aggressive style. The Drak is one of the helmets that has been the most expectation and comments since its appearance. And now the Exo Combat of Scorpion is joined to compete in this segment so singular.

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Alpinestars Juno Air Monster

Introducing the Alpinestars Juno Air Monster, a ventilated jacket perfect for summer and half-time thanks to its fabric and large perforated areas. In addition, It incorporates the logo and colors of Monster for an exclusive aesthetic thanks to the new collection fruit of the collaboration between both brands.

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Dainese Air Fast gloves

The Dainese Air Fast gloves are designed to be used during the summer, both short and long. They stand out especially for being of long cane, something not very common in the vented gloves. However, the Air Fast offer a plus of security.

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