Alpinestars Enforce Drystar

The Alpinestars Enforce Drystar is the new textil and sporty jacket from the Italian brand. This jacket features a Drystar waterproof layer and a removable and  internal and removable thermal liner.

Alpinestars uses a main material, which is the polyurethane coating, which gives to the jacket a greater resistance to abrasion. Behind the outer fabrics we find a Drystar membrane, the 100% waterproof fabric developed by Alpinestars. This liner is non-removable.

General view (front and back) of the Alpinestars Enforce Drystar jacket.

The jacket's construction incorporates elastic accordion panels on the elbows to improve its flexibility.
Inside we find the thermal lining, long sleeved and fully removable with side zippers. The jacket has polifabric-made collar and cuffs for a more pleasant contact to the skin in those areas.
Detail of the Alpinestars Enforce's thermal liner.
The Enforce Drystar jacket system has the Control Climate System, developed by Alpinestars. Its air inlets are placed in the sleeves, regulated by zippers. The outlets are placed on the back sides, also regulated through zip system.

Detail view of the air inlet placed on the shoulder.

The Alpinestars Enforce features flexible internal protections on elbows and shoulders, all with CE certification. In addition to this, the shoulder area also has an external dual density TPU protector with the Alpinestars logo. There's also foam padding: PE (polyethylene foam) on the chest and back. We can remove them and include rigid protector on that areas. These back and chest protectors have to be acquired separately, are not standard equipment.

Detail view of the shoulder external protector (left) and the back padded area (right).

Fasteners and pockets

The main jacket's closure is by zipper and a Velcro clasp. The Enforce Drystar incorporates pants connection zip and reflective inserts on the back.
Talking about pockets, it's a very complete jacket: there are two exterior zippered pockets and one more in the chest, the latter waterproof. Inside there is another waterproof zippered pocket to the chest, and two pockets with Velcro closure. The removable thermal liner also has two velcro pockets, so we will have three inside pockets in total, no matter we wear or not the inner lining.
The Alpinestars Enforce is the sportiest waterproof jacket in the Alpinestars Tech-Touring range, just ahead from the Alpinestars Pikes Drystar. If you want a complete, light and comfortable textile jacket, Alpinestars Enforce Drystar is a great option to consider.