Alpinestars GP Plus R

The Alpinestars GP Plus R leather sporty gloves are the new product from the Italian brand for its most demanding users. We're in fornt of a very ergonomic leather gloves ideal for bikers who love sport riding on road and track.

Construction and ergonomics
The Alpinestars GP Plus R are made with full grain cow leather combined with goat leather, which is very flexible and durable. The gloves incorporate leather reinforcements in the palm and the outer edges of the hand, obtaining thus a greater durability and resistance to abrasion. The gloves have panels in elastic fabric for comfort and a propor sporty performance.
Alpinestars GP Plus RGeneral overview of the Alpienstars GP Plus R in the outer face (right), palm (center) and shaft (left).
The Alpinestars GP Plus R has a pre-curved design on the toes to reduce fatigue, with external seams on the fingers and palms that allow a tight fit to the hand set.
In the area of ​​the knuckles we find Alpinestars' Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS), made of polymer of double intensity (TPU), that ensures optimum protection against impacts. This TPU is also located in the lower part of the phalanges, complementing the overall protection system. The GP Plus R also has padding in the critical areas of the hand, such as the upper phalanges and the outer side of the cuff.
Alpinestars GP Plus RTPU knucle protector close up.
Another remarkable feature is the bridge between the fourth and fifth finger, an exclusive Alpinestars solution, which prevents twisting and separation of these fingers in the event of an accident.
Alpinestars GP Plus RTPU slider situated in the outer palm zone.
The palm also has a TPU slide that ensures -in case of fall- the protection of the hand since it is located in its most critical area. The outside of the little finger also has a small protection. In addition, Kevlar's inner lining on the wrist, thumb and pinky finger, helps resistance against abrasion.
The GP Plus R incorporates abundant microperforations in almost the entire glove in order to keep the hands fresh. These are located mainly on the palms of the hands, backs, fists and on the walls of the fingers.
Alpinestars GP Plus RThe whole wrist shaft (right) and padding (right) are microperforated.
It should also be noted that the TPU protections of the knuckle area are also designed for optimum ventilation thanks to their air intakes.
The GP Plus R has a Velcro main lock on the cuff, plus a leather strap on the wrist to prevent glove misalignment.
Alpinestars GP Plus RThe closure system of th GP Plus R features two Velcro tabs plus another one for wrist adjustment.
In short, the new Alpinestars GP Plus R gloves are the Italian sportswear brand's new bet. They are the successors of GP Plus, gaining in protection and sportsmanship for a road use and circuit, but without reaching the most used in competition, such as Supertech, GP Tech and GP Pro.