Alpinestars Jet Road Gore-Tex: the most technical winter gloves

For those who use the motorbike all the year round, both for a daily use or for long journeys, Alpinestars proposes the Jet Road Gore-Tex, a technical winter glove which ensure us both the maximum thermal protection and against the water.


The Alpinestars Jet Road are gloves that offer technical materials and innovative design, according to provide real protection against water and cold. The Jet Road feature elastic polyamides and polyester as main materials on the glove's external area, which provide thermal protection and also against the wear. Flexibility is another feature on these gloves, according to offer proper comfort.

On the palm we find goat skin, a material extended on the fingers internal side, offering a good touch, according to use the throttle and other bike's controls. It is an important detail that other winter gloves cannot offer.

Detail of the palm's area, made from goat skin and textile reinforcements.

In the wrist's area the isolation has priority. We find double textile sleeve, the inside one is waterproof and it has been designed to fit to all kind of jackets, mantaining the isolation inside the glove. On the external area there are two orifices placed to evacuate the water.

Detail of the wrist area, with a double layer (the internal one is waterproof).

If we move to analyze the glove's thermal protection, the Alpinestars Jet Road feature a multilayer structure, where there is a foam layer which keeps the warm, a Gore-Tex layer (100% waterproof and breathable layer) and a Primaloft finish, made of water resistant microfibers which offer smoothness and warm).


The Alpinestars Jet Road feature a Polyurethane (TPU) in the knuckles area and there is also a textile finish. On the glove's reverse there are padding areas as reinforcements. The little finger has an anti-torsion protector, patented by Alpinestars, made from leather.

Detail of the different materials in the fingers' area and the anti-torsion protector placed in the little finger.

In the lower are of the palm there are padding areas as protectors in an event of a fall, while in the cenbter of the plam there are textile reinforcements which provide a good touch. We have to mention as well the padding area that we find on the wrist zone.

Adjustments and details

The main closure is a Velcro system placed on the upper area of the wrist. Its main objective is to provide an optimum isolation. The inner layer ensures protection against the water thanks to an elastic finish. In the wrist we find another velcro closure that prevents from the glove's mismatch in an event of a fall.

Detail view of the two velcro closures and the water evacuation orifices.

The Alpinestars Jet Road have reflective areas for being seen at low light situations, and also there is a windshield wiper in the thumb which will help us to evacuate the water from the helmets' screen. Also, the thumb and forefinger have a finish material compatible with touch screens, like smartphones, tablets or GPS.

The glove provides excellent comfort and its pre-curved design looks for a minimum fatigue, even in long journeys. 

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