Alpinestars Juno Air Monster

Introducing the Alpinestars Juno Air Monster, a ventilated jacket perfect for summer and half-time thanks to its fabric and large perforated areas. In addition, It incorporates the logo and colors of Monster for an exclusive aesthetic thanks to the new collection fruit of the collaboration between both brands.

Materials and construction

The Juno Air Monster is made of 600D fabric, resistant to abrasion. This fabric forms the structure of the jacket along with the wide vented panels. It is mesh fabric present throughout the front area, back and inner side of the sleeves.

Inside there is a mesh lining, also highly breathable. We have perforated panels both in the exterior and in the interior, which offers the maximum ventilation possible in a motorcycle jacket.

Alpinestars Juno Air MonsterImage ahead and behind the Alpinestars Juno Air Monster, perfect for summer.

But the Juno Air Monster has more details that improve our comfort on the bike. There are accordion panels at the elbows to improve the flexibility of the arms. At the neck and cuffs we have microfiber finishes, softer to the touch. The lower part is prolonged to cover the back, in addition to being padded.

The sleeves are pre-curved, emulating the driving position. We have velcro straps to regulate the width in the sleeves and waist.

Alpinestars Juno Air MonsterThe lower part of the Alpinestars Juno Air Monster is padded for improving the comfort of the rider.


The Juno Air Monster has Bio Armor protections. They stand out for being very light, in addition to having a grid design that favors the air flow. These protections are at the elbows and shoulders and are the main security element of the jacket. But we can also install a back protector, but it does not come standard.

Alpinestars Juno Air MonsterDetail of the protections that the Juno Air Monster has on the elbows, as well as the accordion area.

The same thing happens in the chest: we have foam paddings, light and comfortable, but we can replace them for Alpinestars Nucleon protectors, more safety.

Locks and pockets

The main closure of the jacket is zip. The two outer pockets also have zip closure as well as the inside pocket. It is a pocket located on the left flap, with the characteristic of being waterproof, ideal for save objects sensitive to rain.

Alpinestars Juno Air MonsterThe Alpinestars Juno Air Monster has an adjustable waistband thanks to the velcro strips that are located in the area.

There are reflective inserts to improve visibility in low light conditions. Reflective inserts are joined by the striking embroidered Monster logos on the chest and back and the printed logos on the sleeves.

It is a very complete jacket, very comfortable and on hot days allows us to air perfectly both on the road and in the eventual stops.

Alpinestars Juno Air MonsterOn the left, the Monster Energy logo. To the right, reflective detail of the Alpinestars Juno Air Monster.

A garment that is part of the Monster collection, with the colors of the popular energy drink and exclusively for Alpinestars. In this collection we will find jackets like Backfire, Spirit Waterproof or MX10 gloves, all available in Motocard stores and