Alpinestars Managua Gore-Tex VS Alpinestars Yokohama Drystar

The Alpinestars 2017 range features innovations in the field of jacket-pants for winter and halftime periods sets: the set Managua Gore-Tex and Yokohama Drystar are two good examples of winter garments with the same properties but adapted to somewhat different needs.

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Both Gore-Tex Managua set as the Yokohama Drystar are designed to move in winter despite the rain and cold, with excellent products touring. The jacket and trousers both models have waterproof membranes rolled the outer fabric and a soft interior, removable liner for versatility. And all with an elaborate system of protection and ventilation in both cases. The difference is in the materials used, which we analyze in detail:
Alpinestars jacket and trousers Gore-Tex Managua
The set Managua Gore-Tex is a Premium product line Tech-Touring the Italian brand. Made with fine fabrics and high abrasion resistance, jacket and pants they offer superior comfort and feature Gore-Tex membrane, which ensures total waterproofing. The Gore-Tex waterproof membrane is the best on the market, not only for its values ​​against water, but in the perspiration of the membrane, which is also excellent.
The jacket and trousers have ventilation system Jet Ventilation System, formed by an ingenious system of deployable flaps with velcro and zipper closures. One of the benefits of incorporating the Gore-Tex membrane laminated is that the flow of air entering directly inside of the jacket is greater, proporcionanado greater comfort. Regarding security, we have removable composite protections on elbows and shoulders on the jacket and knees, plus foam hip pants. The jacket also has foam on the back and chest; the sites hosting these foams also allow the installation of a trellis and the Alpinestars trunk protector of Nucleon range, though not come standard. Another safety feature is the special material that can be seen on elbows and knees, very resistant to abrasion and reinforces these critical points in case of a fall.
Both jacket and pants Managua Gore-Tex are full of details that make the difference when we perform many kilometers: the neck and waist have special padding (the removable also liner), there are many external pockets, all waterproof and heat-sealed zippers, and there is even back bag. Throughout jacket found 'portholes' that allow moisture evacuation and reflective elements. The main zipper closure is velcro flap jacket plus elastic (removable) in the trouser suspenders. There are also adjustments to the waist, fists and feet and zipper jacket-pants.
Alpinestars jacket and pants Yokohama Drystar
Yokohama whole Drystar follows the same philosophy: Polyfabric fabric has a waterproof membrane laminate, in this case Drystar. This membrane has no such high impermeability and breathability values ​​such as Gore-Tex, but it is superior to many other market and we will not disappoint in medium and short distances. It has been designed by the Alpinestars brand own to provide an effective generic membranes but without the prices involved opt for the Gore-Tex alternative. And as with laminated membranes, the flow of air entering the inside of the jacket is higher than with the traditional system.
The assembly has a great balance between quality and price, as it also has removable inner lining, special padded neck and waist and ventilation system Jet Ventilation System by zippers. As for protection, they are removable and are located on shoulders, elbows and knees. Precisely knees there is also a special, more abrasion-resistant materials; although it is different from that used in Managua, its function is the same. It also has foam on the back and chest, which can be replaced by Nucleon protectors, which must be purchased separately.
On the back we are padded instead of the back pocket of Managua. The main closure is zipper jacket with Velcro flap and we have several pockets with zipper heat seal.
With Gore-Tex Managua, Alpinestars Premium offers a perfect set to make long trips on a motorcycle; protecting us from the rain and cold at all costs. The Yokohama Drystar is a set of average range perfect for intensive use in day to day with a great value.
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