Alpinestars S-MX 1: Comfort and protection when riding

The Alpinestars S-MX 1 are very light boots that follow the lines of her sisters S-MX 2 and S-MX 3, providing a combination of materials which offer protection and comfort when riding.


These boots have as main material the microfiber, which is a component very similar to the leather but more resistant to the weather and wear, being lighter. We find this microfiber on two versions: the standard (placed on the external side of the boot, the toecap and the velcro closure) and a microperforated area (placed on the external side of the boot and the external ankle, according to provide good ventilation and breathability). There are also ventilation air ainlets in the external side of the ankle and the heel.

Detail of the external side of the boot and its air inlets.

Apart from the microfiber we find elastic textile areas. One is placed in the instep and the other one is placed on the back of the boot. Both areas have been designed to offer great comfort when riding the motorbike and also when walking.


We find a TPU replaceable slider on the external area of the toecap and a reinforcement on its upside, on the instep. We also find TPU protectors on the heels' area, according to provide the rigidity on that zone, just to avoid undesireable movements of the foot and leg. On the toecap there is also an internal reinforcement that protects the toes.

The Alpinestars S-MX 1 features a TPU slider and a insted reinforcement.


The Alpinestars S-MX 1 interiors have been designed to optimize the ventilation that comes from the outside. We find  an internal boot with a 3D mesh that provides breathability and a great touch. We also find an anatomical insole with EVA microperforated foam.

If we have a look to the closures, we will find a main system with a zipper in the internal side of the boot, with a Velcro adjustment. We also find another closure system on the instep of the boot with a velcro that ensures the adjustment of the boot the user's feet and legs.

The main closure is a zipp system and we find a velcro adjustment (left) while the boot offers textile areas for a great flexibility.


The sole is made with an advanced rubber compound that optimizes the grip. It has two different heights to optimize the grip to the stirrup, also offering the rigidity on the heels' area, with a perfect integration to the rest of the boot.

The sole has two heights and ha sbeen designed to offer a great grip under all conditions.

The Alpinestars S-MX 1 have been created to offer comfort and breathability on a very light product, designed for a daily use. Designed both for motorbike or scooter, these boots can be weared during all the years round and we have to highlight that are available at with a very special discount!

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