Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon V2

The new Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon V2 are short sports gloves ideal for mid-season and summer. The new version of Air Carbon perfectly combines protection and a great ventilation.

Materials and construction

The gloves have the European certification of conformity and are made of goat skin and 3D mesh to offer maximum durability, resistance to abrasion and high levels of perspiration.

This 3D mesh is widely seen in the glove's fist and on the surface of the fingers. To improve the ventilation, we found strategically located perforations distributed by different points of the glove.

Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon V2Image of the Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon V2 glove.

In the palm and on the side of the glove we find synthetic suede reinforcements, which provide maximum resistance to abrasion, especially in the most exposed areas in case of fall.


The pre-curved shape of the fingers reduces fatigue considerably when we ride the motorcycle. In addition, the elastic inserts that are between the fingers improve flexibility, comfort and freedom of movement while driving.

Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon V2The SMX-2 Air Carbon V2 glove offers an ideal touch with the controls of the motorbike.


In terms of safety, the innovative carbon protectors on the knuckles are the most important feature. These are ergonomically molded and provide exceptional protection against impact and abrasion.

Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon V2Detail of carbon protection located in the area of the knuckles.

The upper part of the fingers and the back incorporate inserts in TPR to further increase the protection of the whole of the hand. Also on each of the fingers we see padded reinforcements to cushion a possible impact.

Details and closing

The tip of the index finger of the glove is compatible with touch screens. In this way, we gain in comfort when we have to make use of the GPS or Smartphone.

The closure is by means of a Velcro with TPR in the wrist area. Thus we get a safe and personalized fit.

Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon V2The SMX-2 Air Carvon V2 has some remarkable details, such as the logo.

Neither go unnoticed the different logos and graphics that incorporates the glove, especially on the outer side.

In short, the SMX-2 Air Carbon from Alpinestars comes with a great value for money. They offer great tact, great breathability and safety on the hottest days of the year. They are marketed in several different color combinations and also in a girl's version.

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