Alpinestars SP Air & SP Air Lady

The Alpinestars SP Air are sporty and vented leather gloves, designed for the Autumn, Spring and Summer periods. We find vented textile combined with protective leather and all the rigid protections we look for on these kind of gloves.

Construction and materials

The Alpinestars SP Air are made with high quality leather, offering a great resistance to the wear. For increasing their ventilation properties, there are microperforated areas, combined with mesh in some areas of the gloves (fingers, reverse and wrist). In the palm there are synthetic leather reinforcements to fight against the friction and wear.

General view of the Alpinestars SP Air Lady's gloves reverse.

The precurved construction offers a greater comfort when riding and the accordion leather panels also help to this.


The Alpinestars SP Air have sporty design and construction, so their protection level is high. We have to highlight the knuckles' protector, made with injected TPU and with air inlets. There is also a TPU protector in the palms as a slider. The same material protects the air inlets placed in the fingers reverse.

Detail of the TPU protectors placed in the fingers reverse and the knuckle's protector.

Fingers, palm and reverse have EVA foam, a padded material that protects against hits and also offers more comfort when riding. We find the same protection in the wrist, where there is also EVA foam. And as Alpinestars' gloves we find a leather protection that links the pinkie finger with the rest of the hand, to minimize injuries.

Detail of the Velcro closure, placed on the wrist area (left) and the pinkie protector (right).

Closures and details

The Alpinestars SP Air have double Velcro closure: a wide one on the wrist area, to adjust the glove to our arm and another as a strip that will prevent the glove's mismatching. As a detail, the index and thumb fingers have a digital leather finish that will allow us to manipulate tactile screens, as GPS or mobiles. There is also a Ladies version, with the same protections and materials.

Detail of the TPU palm slider (left) and the glove's palm (right).

Summarising, the Alpinestars SP Air are sporty leather gloves that provide high ventilation. They represent a good way of riding motorbikes on Summer, and they offer comfort, sportyness and high quality materials. And all this with a nice price.

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