Alpinestars Super Touring Gore-Tex: premium touring

Alpinestars Super Touring Gore-Tex boots are Alpinestars' Premium touring boots in the brand's touring range. Gore-Tex combined with a very flexible structure, and thus offering comfort and innovative solutions such as the closing micrometer.

Materials and construction

The Super Touring Gore-Tex boots share a very similar structure and materials compared to Monofuse boots from Alpinestars. Both feature grain leather as the main material, but this leather is of slightly higher quality in Super Touring. Its structure is characterized by a generous accordion panel on the instep and the heel. This panel is made of microfiber fabric with an anti-abrasion treatment, but also have a higher degree of flexibility than leather. Unlike the Monofuse, the Super Touring shaft's is higher, making them a high-leg boots.

Alpinestars Super Touring Gore-Tex The main difference between the Super Touring (left) and Monofuse (right) boots is the shaft lenght.

The Super Touring features a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane, known for its excellent qualities waterproof yet highly breathable. In combination with the integrated Gore-Tex lining, the interior has breathable fabric with special holes in the ankle and instep for improved comfort. At the top of the shaft inner liner there's a micro-perforated padding to enhance breathability.

Alpinestars Super Touring Gore-TexThe accordion pannel and the shaft's design allows an easy foot entry in the Super Touring.

Another element designed for our comfort on long journeys is the construction of the boot, designed to give the forefoot a slightly curved shape in order to improve ergonomics and facilitate gear shifting.


In the Super Touring shaft we find a TPU protector with the Alpinestars logo. This protection acts as shinguard and has a lower profile (not located on the shaft's edge) to allow a better trousers fittment. There's two instep protectors -also TPU-made (thermoplastic polyurethane)- which makes easier changing gears while protects the boot from the shift lever.

Alpinestars Super Touring Gore-TexSuper Touring Gore-Tex frontal view, we can see the shinguard and forefoots TPU reinforcements.

The Super Touring Gore-Tex also has indoor heel and toe reinforcements, along with a dual-density layer in the ankle area. The outer ankle area also benefits from  rigid protector where the micrometer sits close.


The rubber sole uses Alpinestars exclusive compound, offering great wet grip. The drawing is designed for draining water to the side channels. The inner sole is made of high quality polyamide and has a reinforcement to provide greater support in the arch of the foot, for greater comfort. The removable anatomical insole features a new new design and is dual compound-made (EVA foam and Lycra).

Alpinestars Super Touring Gore-TexSuper Touring's sole features the same design as the Monofuse boots.

Closures and details

These boots have a micrometric closure on the side. The closure comprises a plastic toothed belt with an alloy buckle. The buckle has a release button, so loosen or tighten the closure is quite simple. The toothed belt is attached to a bottom flap, wrapping the boot. On the inside, this flap features Velcro for a better adjustment.

The advantage of using a micrometric system is twofold: allows a customized fit, which zippers do not allow (you have to find the perfect adjustment with the other Velcro closures), and at the same time, as the closure is on the rear, set free the forefoot fron any other element, making it more flexible and therefore comfortable.

Alpinestars Super Touring Gore-TexBuckle (left) and toothed belt close up plus the back reflective insert (right).

As detail, the Super Touring incorporate a reflective insert at the back, just above the heel and with the Alpinestars logo, to improve our visibility to other drivers at night.


As we have seen, the Alpinestars Super Touring Gore-Tex boots feature a construction that looks for comfort. They differ from the Monofuse Gore-Tex of the same brand for a higher cane and better finishes on the inner skin and outer skin, but also featuring the excelent Gore-Tex membrane. In short, those are an excellent touring boots throughout the year for any touring rider.

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