Alpinestars Supertech-R: born on the track

The new Alpinestars Supertech R boots have been designed to give more sportivity and offer solutions to guarantee the highest protection, an optimal touch and a greater ventilation. Its main feature is its removable internal boot, capable of offering rigidity in the most critical areas of the foot and also the its necessary flexibility.


Made of high technology microfiber, very similar to the leather properties, the Supertech R combine ergonomy, flexibility and resistance. These boots offer great protection and a great touch, a very important point if we talk about a racing boots. 

General overview of the Alpinestars Supertech R boots

In the instep area we find a structure made of TPU (Thermoplastic Poliuretane) as an air inlet, while in the back of the boot we find an accordion construction, according to offer the mobility we need in this area. The interior side of the boot is completely flat, to give an optimal touch between the motorbike and the racer. 

The interior side of the boot is completely flat, to give an optimal touch between the motorbike and the racer.

In the upper area we find a flap designed to help to the proper isolation of the leg, with a nice touch and a silicone band to mantain the garment inside the boot.


The boot has been designed to offer the maximum protection in all kind of falls and every protection is designed and placed strategically on the boot according to offer this protection. In the heel's area we find a TPU reinforcement designed to facilitate our dragging in an event of fall, helping to disperse the brake energy accumulated in our feet.

Detail of the heel's TPU protection.

In the toecap we find a TPU slider that can be removable and changeable, while in the upper the boot has a rigid protection with the brand's logo that will protect the shank area. There is also a rubber reinforcement in the instep area with double goals: in one side, offer an optimal touch when changing gears; and on the other side, offer an appropriate protection to the wear and tear. Another detail of these boots is the slider we find on the heel, made of TPU and changeable.


The Alpinestars Supertech R have an excellent ventilation system, because they offer many and generous air inlets, so we can race having our feet refrigerated at all time. We find the main air inlets in the instep area, while in the upper area we see two air inlets side by side. The air outlets are placed in the heel's protector sides.


The biomechanical inner boot is the great secret of these boots. Completely removable and made of synthetic lightweight 3D fabric, this boot has TPU reinforcements in the areas of the ankle, the heel and the toecap. We find an excellent balance between the rigidity we need on the heel's area and the necessary flexibility on the toecap. These protectors allow foot's natural movements, avoiding other movements that can bring injures to the racer. All these protectors are strategically placed in the inner boot for a greater protection and linked between them thanks to a bolts systema. The philosophy of the inner boot is to work together with the external boot, offering an integral protection to the racer.

The inner boot is completely removable and combines heel's rigidity and also flexibility on the toes area.

We find areas where mixes the 3D mesh and the microfiber textile, for the foot's better comfort and freshness. The inner boot has laces closure and an easy closure system, easy to manipulate.


The Alpinestars Supertech R's sole is made with a very adherent rubber compound, which its grooves design has been studied to offer an excellent grip, even in wet situations. Its tread pattern has been designed to evacuate the water to the external side of the boot. We find also that the sole lenghtens to the toecap to offer more rigidity on that area.


The boot includes a zipper that works as the main closure system, well protected by a flap, which insulates as well from the external weather conditions. There is also a flexible area that provides an extra flexibility, to adapt the boot to our feet and legs. Another detail we find on the closure system is the velcro finish that the zip has, to attach correctly the closure to the boot, preventing discomfort and from the open accidentally. To ensure the zipper closing system, there is a micrometric closure on the boots' upper area which will adjust properly the boot to our leg.

Detail of the zipper closure system.

The Alpinestars Supertech R are the most sporty boots from that brand, designed for a track use and to offer the maximum protection and an optimal touch. The great ventilation of these boots and its lightness are features that confirms the quality of the product and its uniqueness on the market.

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