Alpinestars T-Jaws Waterproof

The Alpinestars T-Jaws Waterproof is a textile and sporty jacket that features an internal waterproof layer and a removable thermal inner. It is ideal for a daily use on short and medium journeys, even commuting. And furthermore, it has an excelente value for money.

Construction and materials
The T-Jaws Waterproof has a sports cut: with pre-curved sleeves that help to adopt an aggressive position and the panels in accordion in elbows and shoulder blades, it favors the freedom of movements in march. It is made of various materials, Poly-nylon being the main fabric. This advanced material offers excellent resistance to abrasion. On the outside, it has a water repellent polyurethane coating that is a direct complement to the 100% waterproof and breathable membrane that is located inside the jacket. The fixed liner is fully microperforated and is placed between the Waterproof membrane and the outer fabric.

The upper rear zone feature padded panels, high visivility stripes and accordion elastic panels in the shoulder blade.

Also in the interior we find a thermal lining of 80 grams, removable by zippers and push buttons. The lining is long sleeve and provides considerable protection against the cold. Being detachable, it makes the T-Jaws a jacket for winter and times of half-time. And to improve our on-the-go comfort, the neck and the hem of the sleeves feature a plush fabric that adds soft touch and warmth.

The jacket features an inner thermal linner (left). It's detachable, so when we get it out we can apreciate a microperforated linner below (right).

As for ventilation, we have two openings with zipper in the upper chest area. Indicated as "Dynamic Flow Control", the inlets let the air circulate between the outer layer and the inner lining, so that they help optimum air conditioning as well as the renewal of the air. As mentioned, this fixed liner is microperforated, which optimizes airflow.

The jacket features air entries on both shoulders (left) and waist (right).

The safety of the T-Jaws Waterproof is entrusted to flexible armrests and low-weight Bio Armor, combined with padded panels on the chest, back and neck. Precisely on the back, the compartment that houses the back foam is intended for the installation of a trellis. Although not standard, we can equip the T-Jaws with a Nucleon KR-2i or KR-1i trellis, but it also has a Velcro insert plus push button for the installation of a Nucleon KR-R protection, the most sportive And that allows to regulate its height. The same happens in the chest: in the space of the pectoral foams, we can mount the protectors Nucleon KR-Ci, that also do not come of series.

Frontal part close up, with ventilation intakes and featuring jacket's main zipper with its neck's velcro clasp at the top.

Closure, pockets and details
The T-Jaws Waterproof features a zipper as the main closure, with snap button on the neck. The sleeves are adjustable in width thanks to zippers, as well as the waist, thanks to two strips of velcro. As for pockets, we have two front on the outside and one inside the left flap, also with zip closure. The latter is water resistant. The removable thermal lining gives us an extra pocket with velcro closure. The jacket also features zip-fitting jacket-pants, as well as numerous reflective inserts on the back, chest and sleeves.The sleeves feature both zipper and velcro.

In short, this is a very popular sportswear jacket, as it offers much for a price fit: it is waterproof, thermal, offers protection and sports lines inherited from its sister Jaws Leather. Without doubt, a great garment for the day to day for users of bikes sport and naked.

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