Alpinestars Tech 1: off-road boots for all beginners

The Alpinestars Tech 1 is the new entry-level boots for MX and off-road beginners of the Italian brand. As the first model in the entire Tech 1 range, also have the design and structure of the Alpinestars racing boots but using materials more suitable to non-professional users.

Outer lines

The main lines remind us from Tech 8 RS and Tech 3 All Terrain boots, also featuring a metallic toe cap and sown sole. It’s not an aesthetic thing: these elements are synonymous of long lasting boots.
Alpinestars Tech 1Inner and outer sides general view.
The main material is microfiber, acting as a substitute of leather because offers best combination of lightness, abrasion resistance and cleanness. This material is shaped in accordion plates in the shaft of the boot in order to improve feet’s freedom of movement, a system called ‘flexi-blade’ by Alpinestars.
There’s polymer protector in the boot shaft. Is a big one, with the Alpinestars logo, plus another polymer-made protector in the heel zone, this one with the Tech 1 logo. All these protectors are integrated in the main structure, but there’re more reinforced zones, as the toe box and instep in order to protect from camshaft wear. The inner face also features polymer in order to protect from bike’s heat and attrition but at the same time a more comfortable riding position.
Alpinestars Tech 1Accordion-type zone close up (left) and 'Tech 1' logo (right).
Inner lining is completely made from technical fabric, allowing high moisture evacuation. Protection and comfort have been improved by adding foam padding in the ankle and shaft upper zone. This padding also makes easier ankle fitting to the boot, impeding not wanted movements. The insole is made in EVA foam and fabric, totally replaceable.
Alpinestars Tech 1Foot entry point have a large Velcro  fabric (left) and overall, the aperture is quite big (right).
The Tech 1 features three polymer-made fast release buckles. The distribution follows Tech 10 boots pattern (the racing boots from Alpinestars), with the upper buckle in a reversed position that improves overall fixing. The three buckles feature memory position thanks to the use of a micrometric strap for length adjustments.
Alpinestars Tech 1Buckles close up.
Along the buckle, there’s a Velcro zone on top of the shaft. To improve foot entry, there’s a puttee at the shaft base that also impedes water and dirt entrance.
An important point from the Tech 1 is the sowed sole. As we said before, only the Tech 8 RS and Tech 3 All Mountain boots have this characteristic, both with renowned endurance and versatility capacities. This sole is made from a single thermoplastic polyurethane injected piece mounted over a metal base for an improved longevity.
Alpinestars Tech 1Tech 1 sole. We can see the fixing point for the metalic toecap.
The soles pattern is also similar to the Tech 8 RS, with a versatile approach in its design, looking for performance in all terrains not only in motocross tracks.
The structure of the Tech 1 has the main characteristics of Alpinestars Tech range. So, even being an entry level product, they have a highly studied design with the guarantee of Alpinestars long lasting racing experience in off-road and already are available at Motocard.