Alpinestars Track Vest 2: all in one protection

The Alpinestars Track Vest 2 is an alternative solution in the field of protections. It's a comfortable vest that incorporates back and chest protectors in a elastic vest to wear under the jacket of our choice. Both on track and on the road, the Track Vest 2 is an interesting option for our safety and comfort.

The vest
The Alpinestars Track Vest 2 is a vest made in mesh perforated elastic technique. This elastic mesh adapts to our body, making the whole set is well tied to the trunk, while facilitating all the movements in progress. The perforation facilitates the ventilation and the evacuation of the sweat.
Alpinestars Track Vest 2General view ahead and behind of the Alpinestars Track Vest 2.
This mesh incorporates foam padded interior panels, located in the lumbar area of ​​the scapula and trapeze. In this way, the Track Vest 2 offers protection beyond the chest and back. These foams have large perforations that help the ventilation and their weight is very reduced.
The protections
In the chest area, the Track Vest 2 has two big compartments with foam. If you want to increase the level of protection in this area, the compartments allow us to remove the foams by Alpinestars Nucleon KR-CI chest protectors, although these are not included with the Track Vest 2. In the back we have an advanced Nucleon KR-1 Level 2 trellis. Their main feature are the flexibility and the TPU coating in grid to favor the air circulation. This system is called Airflow Confort Concept.
Alpinestars Track Vest 2Nucleon KR-1 Trellis detail image of the Alpinestars Track Vest 2.
Settings and closure
The trellis incorporates a strip and it has two wide elastic strips around the lumbar area and that are adjusted with a large velcro panels. The connection of these strips with the trellis also have velcro adjustments, so we can change the height of the tapes for greater comfort.
Alpinestars Track Vest 2Detail of the elastic bands that incorporates the trellis of the Alpinestars Track Vest 2.
The main closure of the vest is by means of central rack and the borders of the mesh have elastic strips. In this way, we have zip, strip and elastic edges that prevent the movement of the Alpinestars Track Vest 2.
Alpinestars Track Vest 2The main closing of the Track Vest 2 is of zipper and velcro as we can see in the image.
With all these elements, Alpinestars has renewed its vest with trellis. The Track Vest 2 is distinguished by its low weight and comfort in the movements. In addition to being a garment designed for sports driving for circuit and road, his great asset is that we can equip the vest with any garment what we wear that day.