Arai QV-Pro: a different sport-touring

The Arai QV-Pro is the new sport-touring helmet of the Japanese brand, who inherits the sophisticated technology of the RX-7V adapted to a helmet designed for long distances and with full Arai construction philosophy.

When Arai introduced its renewed flagship RX-7V  in 2015, the brand developed a new shell design, the most advanced desing in the entire history of the Japanese brand. Now, Arai has taken this shell design and adapted to create the new QV-Pro, the helmet that replaces the Quantum-ST Pro as Arai's premium sport-tourism product.

The shell of the QV-Pro is made with a mixture of Super Fiber Laminate with other high resistance fibers. We want to point out the 'R75' construction, which provides the shell a constant radius of 75° in all zones, which is the most optimum radius for dispersing the energy of impacts, according to Arai. Helmet's weight is about 1,600 grams for a size M.
The QV-Pro's visor is called VAS-V Maxvision. It offers wider vision field than in the previous Quantum ST, also having anti-scratching treatment and improved closure system, as seen in the RX-7V, which prevents accidental opening of the screen. The screen's mechanism is called the Variable Axis System technology, which allows a simple and without removing covers removal. The QV-Pro is Pinlock ready (anti-fogging), which comes standard with the helmet.
The Arai Pro Shade System is a unique solution in the market: it's a sun visor that is installed above the screen. All other brands use integrated sun visors inside the helmet, standing between the shell and the EPS. Instead, the Pro Shade System functions as a second external screen that can be raised or lowered by hand, avoiding any elements between the shell and the EPS which may adversely affect the absorption of any impact force.

We found two upper front air intakes with adjustable closure by cam. These two entries are not the only frontal ones: they're two more directly in the screen itself whose ducts carry the air directly to EPS. In total, the helmet have five exits: two at the sides that can not be regulated, remaining always open, and three rear ones, hidden behind the rear spoiler. These can be adjusted in three different positions.
In the chinbar we find an opening with three positions and features an air filter that reduces particles in our face space.

Interior and fastener
The QV-Pro padding uses the new Eco-Pure fabric with antibacterial treatment and with a characteristic soft feel for our skin. Common with other Arai, this helmet incorporates the "peel away" system where the thickness of the cheek foams can be configured by the use of removable layers. In the same way that you can take apart and wash all interior padding.
Overall, the layout is much more comfortable than in sports helmets from the brand, more thickly padded and a with a more resctricted presence of microperforated areas. As standard accessories, we found a chinbar and a nosecover. A double-D buckle closure finishes off the set.

In resume, the QV-Pro maintains the Arai philosophy, where construction and security are paramount in every model. Here we have a product of premium quality for the sport-touring helmet segment.

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