Preview of the new Schuberth R2

The new Schuberth R2 is the latest full face model of the German brand. With the R2 Schuberth offers an ultra-versatile helmet, capable of performing the same for everyday, sports or long distance riding. An true all-terrain with classical philosophy with the latest German technology.

Fibre shell

The Schuberth R2 has a shell made of fibreglass combined with special resin. Both materials have been compresses at high pressure in a mould to form a shell whose thickness and resistance is uniform in all areas; a new process that the brand calls ‘Direct Fiber Processing’. Also, in this way you get a lighter helmet, at 1300 grams for size L.

Schuberth R2Lateral-front view of the Schuberth R2.

The aerodynamics have also been an important point in the design of this new R2, as we can appreciate in the spoiler formed by the shell in the rear or the small aerodynamic appendages on the side of the visor mechanism. The ventilation system is integrated into these aerodynamic lines, in the upper inlet as well as the chin bar; they are of on/off type and easy to open.

Schuberth R2Rear view of the R2.

Large screen

The screen of the Schuberth R2 is large and wide, allowing for a large field of view even in the crouched position behind the dome. The visor is prepared for the installation of an anti-fog sheet, which also has an extra size in order to cover the large field of view spanned by the R2. The dark screen of this pre-series unit presented here is not included, as the R2 is originally sold with a clear screen.

Schuberth R2Detail of the side of the visor, where the aerodynamic appendages for the reduction of turbulence and noise inside are found.

ShinyTex interior and buckle closure

The interior of the R2  has a new material, called ShinyTex, which is quick drying and has anti-bacterial properties. The foam distribution is comfortable and has a space for the glasses. The closure is a double buckle, the safest one on the market.

Schuberth R2Detail of the double ring closure of the R2, with a matte finish.

Built in intercom accessories 

In communion with the philosophy of versatility and ease of use of the R2, the German brand has designed this helmet to accept the new SC1 intercom system, Created by Schuberth and Senna, the SC1 intercom and its battery are installed in the rear of the helmet, in the space designed for this use and is ready to use. This is due to the R2 coming as standard with a pre-installed antenna, speakers and microphone. A simple and comfortable system.

Schuberth R2View of the lower part of the helmet, where you can see the slots for the installation of the SC1 system and its battery (right) and details of the foam interior (left).

So that's the Schuberth R2, a full face helmet which makes things easy, valid for all types of trips on sports, naked, touring or sports-touring bikes. Thanks to its versatility, we are sure that the R2 will be a best seller for Schubert which you can reserve right now at

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