Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex boots

Dainese has presented its new touring boots. The new Centauri incorporate the well-known Gore-Tex membrane, very versatile boots ideal for lovers of routes and escapades in all kinds of conditions.

Construction and materials

The Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex, certified according to the European conformity regulations, combine leather on the outside with the Gore-Tex membrane inside, which makes them very durable and abrasion resistant boots in different climatic conditions, being ideal companions for long trips.

Dainese Centauri Gore-TexFront image of the new Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex, designed for a touring use.

The inner part of the boot is completely smooth, with a large panel of microfiber, so that it does not interfere with our movements and avoids major problems in the event of a possible fall, such as catching part of the bike. This microfiber and raised nylon area located on the inside of the heel play a key role. And it is that they clearly favor the grip with the bike, allowing us to be concentrated 100% in the piloting and gaining in stability, especially in curvy roads.

For ergonomics we also find elastic accordion inserts on the instep and on the back of the cane. In this way, and after testing, the foot assembly is much more flexible when we use the gearshift and brake levers, being also more comfortable and easy to carry when we walk.

Dainese Centauri Gore-TexThe Dainese Centauri, as we see in the image, have high levels of protection and comfort.


The Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex have TPU protections on the gearshift lever, on the toe, on the outer side of the ankle and on the Achilles heel, areas prone to increased risk of injury.

In the inner part of the ankle we find a protector that mixes nylon and rigid inserts. With the boot on the feeling of ankle restraint is total, offering great stability on the bike.

Dainese Centauri Gore-TexDetail of the reinforcement of the toe and of the TPU in the lever of the change.

Finally, the large thermoformed insert in the shin, an extension of the boot closure itself, effectively protects against any frontal impact or element.


Inside, in addition to the well-known Gore-Tex membrane, the boot has a soft, ergonomic, quilted upper collar, mesh and micro-perforated to further enhance perspiration. This padding is especially pleasing in the area of ​​the leg, so they are zones that are in constant movement and more exposed to the friction with the boot.

Sole and closures

The sole of the Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex is made by the prestigious firm Skywalk. It has a peculiar and very differentiated drawing. While the part of the toe and heel are designed to dissipate the water, in the central part we find small rubber that improves the grip with the footrests of the motorcycle. The connection between the sole and the boot is also reinforced for off-road use.

Dainese Centauri Gore-TexImage of the sole of the Centauri Gore-Tex, with an innovative design to evacuate water and achieve maximum grip.

Two adjustable and very practical metal buckles together with a large velcro panel in the upper part of the cane make up the closing of the Centauri. In this way, at every stop we make, it is no effort to unzip and fasten our boots.

In addition, with the well-tied boot the whole leg is absolutely secured, especially the ankle area, which is very difficult to move sideways, which translates into a sense of total security. However, this sensation of fixation in the ankle contrasts with the freedom of movement that we have in the foot itself and in the upper part of the cane, finding in this way the perfect balance.

Dainese Centauri Gore-TexDetail of the closing of the Dainese Centauri Gore-Tex. On the left we see the velcro panel; To the right, the metal buckles.

In short, Dainese has been successful with this touring model with a marked Adventure character, undoubtedly one of the most complete in its range. With a robust appearance, the Centauri are very sturdy and practical boots to accompany you on your next adventure.