Fox 180 boots

The Fox 180 boots are one of the most outstanding 2018 novelties of the American Fox brand. A model developed by legendary multi-champion Ricky Carmichael and based on the sports heritage of the Instinct, Fox's top-of-the-range boots, but with more affordable price.

Design and materials

The Fox 180 materials are a combination of microfiber and TPU in the outer areas and technical fabrics in the inner side. Part of this microfiber is perforated for extra ventilation.

In designing them, Fox has sought to eliminate internal movements of the foot, especially in the ankle area, so that there are no voids between the boot and our body. This is also achieved thanks to the two lower buckles, design derived from the Instinct; thanks to this we obtain a superior grip that translates into greater safety.

Fox 180Image of the two sides of the Fox 180, where you can see the details that differentiate it from the rest of the boots.

Another key point is that they have designed a very flat and low profile instep, so that it is easy to place the boot under the shift lever; so we do not have to force our driving position.

The inner side of the boot is very flat, even more than the Fox Instinct, without any overhanging element, all for a contact and total grip to the bike's chassis. This is why rubber is used on this inner face, a type of rubber called Duratec that is resistant to heat from the exhaust pipe or manifold.

Safety and protections

The use of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is generous in these boots Fox 180. We find panels of this material in the shin, the zone of the twin, external side and the to, which incidentally has this upper area rough for greater tact and grip the shift lever. There is also external TPU in the area of ​​the heel, a massive protection that covers us from almost the plant to Achilles tendon.

Fox 180The internal side of the Fox 180 doesn't present elements, obtaining a very precise grip to the motorcycle.

At the rear, the boot is structured in a way that facilitates ankle flexion. If you look, we can see that the TPU structure that protects the ankle and the one that holds the upper buckle is floating. It has cuts to achieve freedom of movement, but not to compromise the safety of our ankle, this floating piece makes it stop with the top protector and the heel. In this way, hyperextension of the ankle is largely prevented.


Regarding the base of the boot, the sole is also made of Duratec rubber with an internal metallic reinforcement, which translates into greater shock absorption and a more solid base for the screen. In addition, the sole is smooth, something that thanks in the step by curve.

Fox 180Image of the sole of the Fox 180, designed to achieve a great absorption of the impacts.


The 180 incorporate a novel locking system in the market. In the lower part they incorporate two buckles with memory and micrometric adjustment, but in the area of ​​the cane there is a silicone strip, which has several points of grip. That is, we can customize the extension of the closure according to our legs. It is done quickly and easily.

It may surprise the use of silicone at a point that supports so many resistances, but Fox assures that this closure is able to withstand a pressure of up to 20 kilos, so that is more than enough to perform the closing function.

Fox 180To the left we see the two lower buckles of Fox 180. On the right, detail of the silicone tape located in the upper part of the foot.

In addition, this system is somewhat more flexible and can easily accommodate any type of knee protection. Also regarding the closure it must be said that in the construction of these boots Fox has not used Velcro because the comfort is increased. Crowning the boot we find that the edge of the cane is designed to prevent the entry of water, mud or stones.


The Instinct are boots known for their comfort and in these 180 Fox has wanted to continue with this philosophy. In his development, Ricky Carmichael has performed tester work (as he did in the Instinct) and has achieved similar sensations in comfort and tact.

They are perfect boots but they don't reach the levels of the Instinct, the touch and flexibility are appreciable. In addition, the boots don't need shooting.

Fox 180The touch and the flexibility are appreciable in the Fox 180 since its first use.

Fox has created a mid-range boot with a price halfway to the Instinct. The sensations are amazing. We have a boots that promise a good value for money designed for a wide audience, looking for safe and reliable boots without approaching the price of professional material.

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