AGV K-5 S helmet: comfort and versatile

The AGV K-5 S helmet is new in the italian brand. This is the evolution of its best seller K-5, a sport-touring helmet with integrated sun visor that has been remodeled to offer this K-5 S, with an improved interior and a lower weight.


The K5 S shell is made with a combination of carbon and fiberglass, called CAAF by the brand. In the interior, the EPS has four different densities to optimize the absorption of the impacts according to the helmet area. The whole of the K5 S has a weight less than 1,400 grams, which means an improvement over K5 that was above the kilo and a half.

AGV K-5 SGeneral view of the AGV K-5 S shell with the integrated rear spoiler.

The lines of the AGV K5 S, of sports reminiscences, have a big rear spoiler, that forms part of the own shell. In this way, the helmet has aerodynamics designed to minimize high-speed movements; A common design with the sporty helmets of the Italian brand.


The helmet ventilation system takes advantage of this aerodynamic set: we have up to five air inlets in the helmet and a rear exit.

Three of the iar inlets are in the upper front part of the helmet, have an opening and closing mechanism and are designed to conduct the air through the interior of the EPS without interference from the integrated sun visor.

AGV K-5 SUnlike most helmets, the rear outlet of the AGV K-5 S has a closure that it can be opened or closed.

As for the two air inlets of the chin, these open and close from the inside by an on/off closure.

This system is complemented by the rear exhaust located just below the integrated spoiler. Unlike most helmets, the K5 S allows to carry it opened or closed with an on/off closure. Undoubtedly, an innovative system that allows us to regulate, even more, the air flow inside the helmet.


The screen of the K5 S is made with polycarbonate; Anti-scratch treatment, anchor points for the Pinlock anti-fog system and guarantees 100% UV protection. It can be easily dismantled thanks to its patented XQRS system: in few seconds and without tools we can change the screen.

Another feature of the screen is that it has micro-opening: when we lower the screen altogether, we can operate a cam of the chin that raises a few millimeters the screen, so it prevents the creation of mist while it refreshes us enough. A crown finishes the screen edge for the better of the insulation and we have cover included.

AGV K-5 SDetail of the drive cam (red color) of the sun visor of the AGV K-5 S.

The K5 S has an integrated sun visor, also with anti-scratch treatment and can be disassembled without tools. Its drive cam is on the left side, clearly marked in red.

Interior and closure

It is inside the helmet where we find more novelties. The new foams have been designed to exert less pressure points, which means more comfort in long travels. The foams have a Sanitized antibacterial treatment, 2Dry moisture absorption and Microsense for a softer feel. In this aspect, the seams have also been removed in points directly in contact with the skin.

AGV K-5 SDetail of the double ring closure and general view of the interior of the AGV K-5 S.

The inner part also has space for glasses and includes a chin curtain mounted as standard. At the base of the helmet, the foams have water-resistant treatment, thus improving the usability of the helmet under the rain and there are also reflective trim. Finally, mention that the closure is of double ring, the safest system.

In short, the new interior and a lower weight, the result of using new materials in both the fabrics and the shell, contributes to gain in comfort. In this way AGV reinforces the sport-touring character of the K-5 S and makes it even more versatile for daily use in all kinds of weather.