Arai Axces-3 helmet

The Arai Axces-3 is the perfect helmet to enter the Arai world. Although it is a helmet that is within the most accessible range of the Japanese brand, Arai has applied its technologies derived from models of superior range, as it is the case of the Chaser-V.


The outer shell of the Arai Axces-3 is made in Super Laminated Fiber (SFL). In addition, it has the "R75 Shape" system, which consists of a design pattern of the outer shell that makes it more resistant, rounded and smooth, which offers a greater capacity of dispersion of energy in case of impact and greater protection. It should not be forgotten either that the shell and the ventilation system also derive directly from the Chaser-V.

Arai Axces-3The "R75 Shape" system has also been applied to this Axces-3.


The ventilation system of the Axces-3 has front air intakes, both in the upper zone, as in the chin rest and even in the screen, Arai brand seal, plus two side air outlets and a rear exhaust.

These air inlets and the extractor can be opened and closed. The air inlet of the top and the extractor have two positions while the one in the chin rest allows three positions of opening, thus avoiding the mist.

Arai Axces-3The ventilation system of the Arai Axces-3 is highly optimized, also improving the aerodynamics of the helmet.

This practical ventilation system allows adapting to the needs of each user to provide the desired air circulation at all times, in addition to favoring the aerodynamics of the helmet.


The clear screen of the Arai Axces-3 is called Super Adsis I. This has a wide field of vision and is predisposed to install a Pinlock MaxVision blade, which is also included with the purchase of the helmet.

To raise the screen, you only have to activate a small cam located on the left of the same one. This cam has a position to lock it once it is closed.

Arai Axces-3The Arai Axces-3 screen can be dismantled without the use of tools, just by removing the side covers.

For maintenance and replacement tasks easier, the screen can be removed without use of tools. You have to take the covers on each side of the helmet.

Interior and closure

With fully removable and washable interior and side paddings, made of very soft and high quality fabric that helps ventilation, the comfort of the rider is more than assured.

In addition, these paddings also have anti-bacteria, anti-dirt and anti-odor treatment.

Arai Axces-3Image of the double ring closure of the Axces-3 (left) and inside of the helmet (right).

Finally, with regard to the closure, the Arai Axces-3 equips a double ring closure system, the safest on the market and the only one approved for use in circuit.

In short, with an optimized and complete shell and ventilation system, the new Arai Axces-3 is the ideal helmet for motorcyclists who decide to purchase an Arai for the first time and want a perfect balance between protection and comfort at a very competitive price.