Arai Chaser-X helmet

The Arai Chaser-X is the new helmet of the Japanese brand, for those bikers seeking the performance of a sports helmet ans the comfort of a touring helmet. The Chaser-X is the evolution of the Chaser-V Eco-Pure thanks to the technology that comes from the RX-7V, the top model of Arai.


The Arai Chaser-X features a Japanese-style shell design with the R75 pattern, which ensures a radius of 75 degrees in the curvature of the helmet, the most optimal design to dissipate energy in case of impact. The material used in the shell is Super Laminated Fiber, a high strength multi-fiber composite. The total weight of the helmet is 1600 grams for a M size.

Arai Chaser-XImage of the Arai Chaser-X shell, made with Super Fiber Laminate.

The first of the features that the Chaser-X shares with the RX-7V is the VAS construction. This design makes us have more viewing space, both in height and width. This is because the visor pivot is located upper.


The ventilation system is also derived from the RX-7V. We have an upper front entrance with adjustable closure, redesigned with respect to the Chaser-V, in addition to another in the adjustable chin rest in two positions. It also has the integrated air inlets in the visor of Arai helmets, which are opened by two tabs. All the air coming from these ducts finds the exit either by the top, located in the rear spoiler, or by the two lower side extractors.

Arai Chaser-XDetail of the ventilations that the Chaser-X has in the top and in the chin rest, with three positions.


The screen is another component shared with the RX-7V, as well as its opening system. The screen is the model VAS with anti-scratch treatment and predisposition for the installation of Pinlock MaxVision, which comes standard.

Arai Chaser-XOn the left we see the air inlets of the screen, characteristics of Arai helmets. On the right we see the closure system of the screen.

The opening system works with a cam that also prevents the accidental opening of the screen. The screen has visor caps already fitted with a quick-release cam.

Interior and closure

The interior of the helmet features Eco-Pure paddings from the Chaser-V. It is a coating with anti-bacterial treatment that also prevents the creation of moisture between the foams. This padding is more pleasant to the touch and also maintains its properties to prevent bad smell. It also incorporates the Facial Contour System, in addition to microperforated fabric, looking for the balance between comfort and sports performance.

Arai Chaser-XImage of the Eco-Pure paddings, inherited from the Chaser-V. It is a coating with anti-bacterial treatment that also prevents the moisture.

At the base of the helmet we find microfiber that covers the foams. The closure is a double D ring, the safest system.

Arai Chaser-XImage of the microfiber that covers the foam, as well as the vents in the neck area.

In summary, the Arai Chaser remains a perfect sports helmet for use beyond the circuit and with this evolution called Chaser-X offers much more safety and performance technology, derived from its older brother, the RX-7V. And all this with the usual quality of Arai helmets.