Alpinestars Novus jet helmet

Alpinestars surprises us with the presentation of a helmet to complete its range of products: is the Alpinestars Novus jet helmet. An ideal helmet for urban driving thanks to its wide screen, sunvisor and ventilation system.


The Alpinestars Novus has an external shell made of ABS resin, which is highly resistant to impacts, while it incorporates a three densitie EPS. The helmet's overall weight is less than 1500 grams. The Novus is available in two outer shell sizes and two interior shell sizes, in order to fit each user's physiognomy.

Alpinestars NovusAlpinestarts Novus overall view.

Alpinestars has incorporated the A-HEAD adjustment mechanism into this helmet. It is a unique system in the market: by means of a rear wheel, we can adjust the interior around our head and also the upper part. We have better adaptability and comfort thanks to this system, as we can slightly customize helmet's inner shell.

Alpinestars NovusA-HEAD system close up.


The ventilation in this helmet is great. It has a three entrances, ona frontal and two on top, whose drive mechanism is a sliding cam on our right side. It's similar to the sun visor mechanism, which allows us to regulate the air intake in different positions. These entrances lead the air through the EPS and the padding and exit through the two outlets located at the back, which allow to extract the hot air from the inside of the helmet.

Alpinestars NovusClose up of the ventilation system cam (left) and close view of one of the top air intake, open for the photo (right).


As we mentioned, the Novus stands out for its wide screen. This allows us to have an excellent lateral view, a great advantage in city traffic. This visor is made of polycarbonate and has anti-scratch treatment. To facilitate its closure, the screen has the curved edge and is fixed thanks to an anchorage on its left side.

Alpinestars NovusThe screen have a curved ending.

We also have an integrated sun visor, which can be folded down by means of a cam on the left, which can be easily operated with gloves.

Interior and closure

The inner padding foams are completely removable and washable. Its distribution is uniform, except in the upper part, where it is sandwiched with mesh fabric for optimal ventilation and perspiration. The hull base paddings feature a microfiber finish for durability.

Alpinestars NovusNovus top inner padding close up.

The closing of the Novus is micrometric, a safe and easy to adjust system. Alpinestars has prepared for this helmet for his own new intercom A-Connect System, although this one is not included with the Novus pruchuase.

In short, we have here a jet helmet that has everything necessary for urban mobility, in addition to incorporating new solutions compared with other jet helmets in the market, that make it a different product. It is the first helmet of the Italian brand and we hope it will start a new path for Alpinestars.

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