Shark Drak Jet helmet

The Shark Drak helmet, which we knew as Raw, is one of the helmets that has aroused more expectation and comments since its inception. Undoubtedly, its bold and aggressive design is its main attraction, but aesthetics aside, it is a unique jet helmet because thanks to its glasses system and detachable face mask.

Design and shell

The Shark Drak draws attention for its futuristic design. It is a jet helmet that has off-road glasses along with a face mask. The goggles are attached to the helmet by means of tape and the mask is attached to the goggles by means of four points of union. Thus, we can circulate in three configurations: complete with goggles and mask, without mask but with goggles and totally jet, without mask and goggles.

Shark DrakImage where we can appreciate the helmet shell, composed of TIS-Lexan.

The shell is made of injected resin TIS-Lexan, with an aerodynamic design, which has a slight frontal depression to channel the air to the ventilation system. The weight of the helmet is ultralight, with 1050 grams on the scale for a S size.


We have mentioned the depression of the shell to improve the ventilation: the Shark Drak has a single air inlet, located in this upper area, to ventilate the inside of the helmet. This entry has a lid, which acts as a closure, of on-off type. As an aid to interior ventilation, the Drak has small air inlets in the gap between the goggles and the front edge of the shell, as well as perforations in the face mask, with microperforated foam that acts as a filter.

Shark DrakDetail of the air inlets located between the goggles and the front edge of the shell.


The Shark Drak includes goggles as a visor. Like a off-road goggles, their smoked lenses are manufactured by the prestigious German manufacturer Carl Zeiss, and have anti-fog treatment.

Shark DrakThe goggles of the new Shark Drak are off-road goggles, as we can see in the image.

The goggles attach to the helmet thanks to two elastic straps, which have an anchorage for it. Both tapes are internal, located behind a removable cover and fixed to the helmet. However, the system also allows us to raise the mask and goggles, similar to what we would do in a modular helmet. This way, we don't have to unhook the goggles whenever we want to have the open face.

Interior and closure

The interior has natural fiber foam, very comfortable. Its distribution is designed for a great ventilation and is possible to wear conventional glasses. The closure of the helmet is by micrometric closure. The Shark Drak is compatible with the Sharktooth intercom, but it is not included as standard.

Shark DrakDetail of the micrometric closure (left) of the Shark Drak and the interior of the helmet (right).

In summary, the Shark Drak presents slight changes compared to the previous model, the Shark Raw: the ventilation system is now more comfortable and effective. Otherwise, it remains the same unique design helmet and aggressive aesthetic. With the Shark Drak is impossible to go unnoticed.