Nolan N90-2 Special N-Com helmet

The Nolan N90-2 Special N-Com is a modular touring helmet that reaches the market as an evolution of the Italian brand's N91 Evo. This is the middle model within Nolan's popular range of modular helmets and offers good finishes and practicality for the day to day.


The Nolan N90-2 is made of resin in its outer shell. It is Lexan polycarbonate, a type of resin very resistant to impacts and bad weather conditions. The helmet lines are very rounded at the front till to form a small spoiler at the rear that improves stability at high speed.

The chin rest opening system is called "Dual Action" and is common with other modular helmets of the brand, like the N104. It allows the opening with only one hand: with a finger we can extract the flap that will allow us to raise the chin rest. When it reaches its maximum opening, we can lock the open position thanks to an insurance that is on the left side of the helmet. In addition, the helmet has the P/J homologation, which indicates that we can ride in jet mode.

Nolan N90-2 Special N-ComImage of the Nolan N90-2 Special N-Com helmet, a versatile touring modular helmet.

The designation 'N-Com' indicates that it is prepared to install Nolan's N-Com intercom, which would go in the space on the left side, although it is not included. The total weight of the helmet is 1,700 grams for a M size.

This N90-2 is the Special version, but Nolan also offers the N90-2 Classic. The most notable difference between both is that the Special is predisposed to mount a Pinlock blade but is not included with the helmet, while the Classic includes a standard. In addition, the Classic is mono-colored, while the ventilation of the Special version are painted in a different color than the rest of the helmet.

Nolan N90-2 Special N-ComThe Nolan N90-2 Special N-Com has the P/J homologation, that allows the biker to ride with the helmet open as well as closed in full compliance with the normative.


The ventilation of the helmet is entrusted to a double front entrance: one in the chin rest with an on/off closure and the other at the top with a three-way closure. The air circulates inside the helmet to the double rear exit.

Nolan N90-2 Special N-ComOn the left, detail of the upper air intake, on the right we can see the air intake of the chin rest and the mechanism to open the helmet.


The screen of the Nolan N90-2 has anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. But to improve its performance against fog we can also install a pinlock blade, but as we have indicated it must be purchased separately. The screen is removable without tools.

Nolan N90-2 Special N-ComAs a good touring helmet, the N90-2 Special N-Com has a sun visor, which is operated by a cam located on the left side of the helmet.

A double rubber crown finishes off the edges of the screen, improving insulation against wind and noise. Inside we have an integrated sun visor with UV400 protection and that also has anti-scratch and anti-fog treatment. To raise and lower the sun visor, we only have to operate a comfortable cam on the left side of the helmet.

Paddings and closure

With the touring and practical character, Nolan has equipped this model with comfortable foams covered with an antiallergic fabric that facilitates perspiration. This system called 'Climate Comfort' is also present in the highest quality helmets of the Italian brand and ensures a quality interior. All foams can be are removable and washable.

A peculiarity is that, unlike other helmets, the foams that cover the adjustment tapes are sewn to the own quilting, facilitating the adjustment and the comfort. The closure is micrometric double-lever type, reducing the opening unintentionally.

Nolan N90-2 Special N-ComDetail of the micrometric closure of the Nolan N90-2 Special N-Com, and its optimized paddings.

At the base of the helmet we can see how it has microfiber with imitation leather to protect the foam from the water and prolong its useful life. Precisely in this zone there are reflective inserts for greater visibility. This crown that borders the neck can be disassembled for the hottest times.

In short, the Nolan N90-2 is an upgraded version of a product that already worked very well: a modular touring helmet ideal for day to day. A mid-range product that stands a step below the N104, but with a very good price and experience of Nolan in this segment.