Shark D-Skwal helmet

The Shark D-Skwal full-face helmet has been designed for a day-by-day use within the sport-touring segment. For this reason, the D-Skwal features everything necessary for a daily use with simple and efective solutions, which makes it a hit taking in acount its value for money.

After the good results his 'twin model' Skwal equipped with LEDs, Shark has decided to bring to market a version without LEDs to offer all the benefits of this helmet at an even more attractive price, thus creating this D-Skwal.


The Shark D-Skwal is made of injected thermoplastic resin. The shell design features subtle aerodynamic lines that lead the air into the rear spoiler, while it features a sharp chinzone design and ends with a diffuser at the base of the helmet, all for a better efficiency of the air flow around the shell. The overall weight is around 1450 grams for an M size.

Shark D-SkwalIn this photo we can appreciate the D-Skwal outer square lines of the shell design.


The aerodynamic lines mentioned above also contribute to a better ventilation. Shark has used a simulator called CFD system to optimize these air intakes. Thus, the great upper intake and the entrance in the chin zone assure us a good inner ventilation, both featuring on/off mechanism. The D-Skwal only has a rear exit.

Shark D-SkwalThe two main air intakes of the D-Skwal: upper (left) and chin zone (right). 

Screen and sun visor

The screen of the D-Skwal, called VZ160, has an anti-scratch treatment and thanks to the Autoseal System offers good insulation against wind and noise. This system is formed by the special rubber crown that borders the visor's hollow which also contributes to a better visor closure. The screen has a quick changing system under the side covers and allows the installation of the Pinlock MaxVision anti-fog sheet, which comes as standard with the D-Skwal.

Shark D-SkwalD-Skwal's sun visor.

The D-Skwal has an internal sun visor, also with anti-scratch treatment. It's adjustable by the cam located on the visor's left side.

Interior and closure

The D-Skwal's inner paddings are completely removable and washable. In the cheeks we find space for the glasses, a system called 'Easy Fit' by the brand. At the base of the helmet there're microfiber cover for the paddings, so it lengthen its endurance and also avoid any water entrance. Other details that improve comfort in daily use are the chin curtain and the nose protector included and mounted as standard.

Shark D-SkwalUnderneath of the helmet; we can see the microfiber-covered paddings. The chin curtain comes mounted as standard.

The closure system is micrometric, easy and quick to operate. Finally we want to mention that this Shark allows the installation of the intercom 'Sharktooth' from the brand.

The Shark D-Skwal you will find a practical, comfortable integral helmet with built-in sun visor. And, if you look for a tech touch, you can do with its 'twin model', the Shark Skwal, which has the same properties but incorporates LEDs in the shell.

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