Shark Spartan helmet

The Shark Spartan is an elegant fiberglass helmet designed for both city and road use thanks to its optimum ventilation system and excellent aerodynamic performance.

Design and shell

Shark presented the Spartan Carbon last year and now we get the Spartan, which shares design and features but incorporates different materials in the shell.

Spartan Carbon uses carbon and fiberglass in its shell while the Spartan is made entirely of fiberglass. The Spartan allows us to enjoy the same style of helmet but at a more competitive price.

Shark SpartanGeneral view of the Shark Spartan, with the shell made of fiberglass.

Shark offers two sizes of shell for a better fit to each size. The whole of the helmet is placed on the 1,390 grams without accessories in a medium size, a very low weight considering that equipment sun visor.

The helmet, sport-touring style, has an aggressive design culminated with a very unique rear spoiler, with two rear fins and that favor the aerodynamics of the helmet.


The Shark Spartan's clear screen has anti-scratch treatment and quick disassembly mechanism, without tools. In addition to a Pinlock MaxVision anti-fog, the screen has "Shark Skin" side attachments, which offer a noise reduction.

Also highlights the Autoseal System: this way the screen is glued to the helmet, improves soundproofing and prevents the entry of water and cold.

Shark SpartanTo the left, detail of the integrated sun visor of the Shark Spartan. On the right, the cam of the visor.

The integrated sun visor is another feature of the Spartan. Its drive is located in the upper part of the shell; The cam down or up the viewer as we are convenient in each moment.


The efficient ventilation system with front air inlets in the chin rest and top, with on and off closing, as well as the rear air exhausts integrated in the spoiler are other features. In this way the helmet achieves an optimum internal ventilation.

Shark Spartanpeu]Detail of the air inlets located in the chin rest and at the top of the Shark Spartan.[/peu]

Interiors and closures

The interior padding are fully removable and washable. It is made from natural bamboo fibers. In addition, the base of the helmet is narrow, so that it minimizes even more the noise.

The design of the interior padding is optimized for glasses thanks to Shark's patented Easy Fit System.

Shark SpartanTo the left, general view of the interior. On the right, the double buckle strap closure.

It should not be forgotten that the Shark Spartan is predisposed to install the Sharktooth communication system, although it is not included with the purchase of the helmet. Finally, we have the double buckle strap closure.

In short, the Shark Spartan is a helmet that is halfway between the sport and sport-touring helmets of the French brand. Ideal for day to day, with the Spartan you will have a great feeling of comfort and isolation thanks to its interior care and optimum ventilation.