Shoei RYD helmet

The new Shoei RYD is an integral helmet to become the first Shoei of many riders. The RYD model arrives as a replacement for the Shoei Qwest, with a practical approach and an aggressive aesthetic, is designed to be a true multipurpose with personality.


The Shoei RYD uses AIM as the main material, a multi-layer fiber with a shock absorbing capacity and extraordinary shock resistance. It's the same material used in other Shoei sport helmets, like the NXR. The outer shell is manufactured in 4 sizes for a better fit.

Shoei RydWe can appreciate the whole of the shell of the Shoei Ryd and its aerodynamic lines.

In the interior of the shell there is an EPS of different densities that improves even more the absorption of the impacts. The total weight does not exceed 1400 grams for a M size.

At aerodynamic level, the RYD presents some aggressive forms in its chin rest and a double rear spoiler. Tested in the wind tunnel is specially designed for naked motorcycles users.


We appreciate many changes in terms of ventilation. We have a large air inlet in the chin rest plus two upper front air inlets.

Shoei RydDetails of the Shoei Ryd air inlets. On the left we see the entrance of the chin rest and to the right we have the upper air inlets.

The air inlet of the chin rest helps to prevent mist formation and the upper entrances cool the interior and the hot air finds its outlet in the rear outlets. The three front air inlets have on/off type closing, but the outlets are not adjustable.


The RYD screen is called CWR-1, the same model that the NXR. It is a screen with 99% UV protection, with a curvature and thickness to provide a great optical quality. The Pinlock EVO can be installed, which comes standard with the purchase of the helmet.

Shoei RydThe Shoei Ryd screen can be disassembled without tools and has a Pinlock Evo.

The screen has a quick-release system without tools.


The interior of the Shoei RYD is designed for sport-touring use. The upper padding has grilles to improve ventilation, while in the area of ​​the ears we find pads to improve acoustic insulation. These pads are removable to make room for the speakers if we want to install an intercom system.

Shoei RydDetail of the interior of the Shoei Ryd, as well as of the system of safe extraction of the sides in case of accident.

The main difference from the Qwest model is that the interior of the new Ryd is removable and washable.

Closure and details

The RYD is double ring closure, the safest. In addition, the helmet includes and chin curtain.

The RYD incorporates the EQRS system (Emergency Quick Release System), which facilitates the removal of the helmet in case of accident.

Shoei RydGeneral view, front and back, of the new Shoei Ryd.

In summary, with the new Shoei RYD, riders of naked motorcycles and drivers looking for a premium helmet have a helmet with a lot of personality and with the most advanced technologies of the Japanese brand, with a very competitive price.