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Tutorial | How to mount the bike cases

One of the most complicated points when organizing a motorcycle trip is when it comes to installing the luggage to our bike. The assembly system can change depending on the model of the cases, as well as the bike. In this video we are going to teach you how to mount the cases to the bike.

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GIVI ST602 Tanklock

The Givi ST602 Tanklock is a practical 4 liter capacity tank bag that incorporates the innovative anchoring system 'Tanklock' plus the possibility to interact with our smartphone while on bike.

Accesorios Bolsas y maletas
GIVI V56 NN Maxia 4 Monokey

The GIVI V56 NN Maxia 4 Monokey  is a practical case with a 56 liters capacity, that means enough space for two full-face helmets. It is the fourth generation of the Maxia family, which includes Givi's own Monokey system, which is both secure and practical.

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FOX Podium Union Red
The Fox Podium is a large bag designed to carry all the equipment necessary to practice Motocross. Designed specifically for it, it has a capacity of 135 litres and a host of pockets that make it the most comfortable transport for our off-road gear kit.
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