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HJC FG-70S | jet neo-vintage

The HJC FG-70S is one of many jet helmets with vintage aesthetics but with the latest in safety technology that are coming to market. And HJC does it with a helmet that also stands out for its multifibre shell and inside.

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Shark Drak vs Scorpion Exo Combat

The Shark Drak and the Scorpion Exo Combat are two atypical helmets with a provocative design, ideal for the most daring bikers looking for a unique and aggressive style. The Drak is one of the helmets that has been the most expectation and comments since its appearance. And now the Exo Combat of Scorpion is joined to compete in this segment so singular.

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Elements of a helmet, in detail

We propose to access the interior of a helmet with this interactive infographic, to appreciate the safety elements that are not seen on the outside and understand how is a motorcycle helmet and that this knowledge help us in our choice.

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Alpinestars Novus jet helmet

Alpinestars surprises us with the presentation of a helmet to complete its range of products: is the Alpinestars Novus jet helmet. An ideal helmet for urban driving thanks to its wide screen, sunvisor and ventilation system.

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Shark Drak Jet helmet
The Shark Drak helmet, which we knew as Raw, is one of the helmets that has aroused more expectation and comments since its inception. Undoubtedly, its bold and aggressive design is its main attraction, but aesthetics aside, it is a unique jet helmet because thanks to its glasses system and detachable face mask.
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Helmets without chin, which do not cover the user's face.