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Dainese Avro D1 jacket

The Dainese Avro D1 is a sports jacket made of high quality leather. With an aggressive design, it stands out for its great versatility and the removable thermal lining, making it a perfect garment to wear throughout the year.

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Segura Veloce jacket

The Segura Veloce jacket is a really amazing garment. This one stands out for its versatility, in addition to being a motorcycle jacket designed for all the year. It incorporates a practical sweatshirt for our day to day. No doubt this is an ideal jacket for all those who move around the city.

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Dainese Mugello Leather jacket

Few more radical jackets exist in the Dainese 2017 catalog than this Mugello Leather. A super sport jacket with advanced safety technology derived from MotoGP and quality materials.

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Dainese Stripes D1 jacket

The Dainese Stripes D1 is one of the novelties of the Italian brand for this 2017. It is an urban leather jacket with a vintage look, which adapts perfectly to all kinds of weather conditions thanks to its removable thermal lining and the air inlets in the front area. This is the latest evolution of the Stripes model and maintains the essence that made it one of the most successful jackets of Dainese.

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Dainese Street Master Leather-Tex jacket

The Dainese Street Master Leather-Tex is a sport-touring jacket with an aggressive design. Featuring both leather and fabric, is ideal for as an all year wear: a removable thermal lining which makes it a truly versatile garment.

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Alpinestars GP Plus R V2 jacket

The Alpinestars GP Plus R V2 is a premium sports leather jacket. It stands out for its comfort, protection and design. With this jacket you can ride by your bike with full warranty.

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Dainese Bryan jacket

The Dainese Bryan is a very soft leather jacket with an urban style, casual ans even vintage, ideal for lovers of the naked that circulate in motorcycle all the year.

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Leather jackets designed for motorbike riding.