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Elements of a helmet, in detail

We propose to access the interior of a helmet with this interactive infographic, to appreciate the safety elements that are not seen on the outside and understand how is a motorcycle helmet and that this knowledge help us in our choice.

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How to dismount the screen of five different helmets

In this video we show you the mechanism of mounting and disasembly of the screen of five different helmets. The Shoei X-Spirit 3, the Arai RX-7V, the HJC RPHA 11, the AGV Corsa R and the Shark Spartan Carbon are the protagonists. Let's see in detail how the screen is removed from a helmet.

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HJC RPHA 70 vs HJC RPHA ST | helmets comparative

The HJC RPHA ST is the Sport-Touring helmet derived from the experience acquired by the Korean brand in competition. The RPHA ST was the winner of the test by the prestigious magazine Motorrad on integral helmets with sun visor. However, we already have available the evolution of this helmet. This is the RPHA 70, HJC's new Sport-Touring full-face helmet, further enhancing the performance of its predecessor.

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Shark Ridill helmet

The Shark Ridill is a helmet designed for bikers who use the motorcycle day by day, but also on weekend getaways. A practical and versatile helmet that incorporates sun visor and has a great value for money that make it a nice option.

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Arai Chaser-X helmet

The Arai Chaser-X is the new helmet of the Japanese brand, for those bikers seeking the performance of a sports helmet ans the comfort of a touring helmet. The Chaser-X is the evolution of the Chaser-V Eco-Pure thanks to the technology that comes from the RX-7V, the top model of Arai.

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AGV Corsa R Rossi Goodwood helmet

AGV presents the Corsa R, a new helmet that offers sporting benefits in circuit and road. Thanks to the incorporation of racing technology of the Pista GP R, the Corsa R is sportier than its predecessor, the AGV Corsa. In addition, the graphics of Valentino Rossi make it an amazing helmet.

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Helmets that cover all the user's face and head