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2017 | The most viewed motorcycle helmets

We present a compilation of the most viewed helmets on our YouTube channel this year that is about to end.

The lucky ones are the LS2 Valiant, the HJC FG-70S X-Wing, the Shoei RYD and, finally, the AGV Pista GP R. As you can see, we have four helmets with very different characteristics but with a common denominator; all of them have raised a great expectation among the public.

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HJC RPHA 11 Carbon

The HJC RPHA 11 Carbon is the carbon fiber version of the successful HJC RPHA 11. While the performance of the RPHA 11 Standard is already spectacular, with the use of carbon fiber, HJC has reduced the weight of the helmet by approximately 50 gr. Its look is impressive and you can see the fiber in almost the entire helmet.

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X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon

The X-Lite X-803 Ultra Carbon is the sportiest helmet of the brand. The X-803 arrives on the market as the exclusive evolution of the X-802RR, a top-of-the-range helmet that is the result of NolanGroup's experience at the highest levels of competition, such as MotoGP and SBK. Made entirely in carbon, the new X-803 becomes a very complete and exclusive racing helmet for the most demanding bikers.

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AGV K-3 SV Pinlock

The K-3 SV Pinlock is the result of the experience gained during the design process of the Pista GP and the Corsa. A very complete and versatile sport-touring helmet designed for those users looking for comfort and high performance, but also for those who seek design and a good value for money.

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LS2 FF390 Breaker

The LS2 FF390 Breaker is an integral sport-touring helmet with excellent value for money. This helmet does not lack of anything and even has integrated solar visor and is marketed with a pinlock Max Vision, the best of the market. An ideal option to move around town with your scooter.

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Scorpion Exo 1200 Air helmet

The Scorpion Exo 1200 Air is a sport-touring helmet ideal for carrying in all kinds of conditions. It is almost lacking in everything and stands out especially for the Airfit system, an exclusive system of the brand that allows to inflate and deflate the inner side pads.

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