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The 5 best modular fiber helmets

If we are looking for a flip-up helmet with fiber shell, the market offer is limited, but the models available are the top of every brand. And we have here to compare them: Shoei Neotec, Shark Evoline Pro Carbon, HJC RPHA Max Evo and the new Schuberth C4 and X-Lite X-1004 Ultra Carbon.

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Nolan N90-2 Special N-Com helmet

The Nolan N90-2 Special N-Com is a modular touring helmet that reaches the market as an evolution of the Italian brand's N91 Evo. This is the middle model within Nolan's popular range of modular helmets and offers good finishes and practicality for the day to day.

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Preview of the new Schuberth C4

Today we have a preview of what will be the new Schuberth C4. The C4 represents the latest evolution in modular helmets of the German brand. Schuberth has decided to go for a radically different design in order to advance in two aspects: aerodynamics and integration of the intercom.

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Shark Evoline Series 3 | an unique modular

The Shark Evoline Series 3 is the third evolution of the Evoline saga, keeping its unique design philosphy. Thanks to its independent chinbar rising system, Shark offers us a helmet with a different look that is also very useful. 

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Tutorial | how to fasten a double D-ring helmet

The double ring system is the most secure of all locking systems hull. As such, this system is the most common in high-end helmets, especially sports, besides being the only approved for use in circuit. But it will not help if we buckled well.

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Helmets with removable chin or with different configurations.