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2017 MX FOX equipment | 180 vs 360

The FOX 2017 MX range equipment has arrived at Motocard. As usual, the equipment is divided in the 180 and the 360 versions, each one with details and materials for a purpose: offer comfort, protection and flexibility when riding.

Offroad Pantalones off-road
The Very Best of 2015

After a full year reviewing the newest bike gear products in our videoblog and Youtube channel, we choosed the best ones form our point our view. It wasn't easy but here are Motocard's Very Best 2015 products! 

Alpinestars MX 2016 | Racer VS Techstar

The Alpinestars MX 2016 range is here. The Italian manufacturer offers two different sets of equipment for off-road practise that looks for maximum quality and sportiness. Two versions that share some features, despite each one being designed for different needs.

Offroad Pantalones off-road
Fox Flexair | the gear of the future

Fox is the brand leader on the offroad garment. And with its new Flexair gear, the brand wants to keep being the number one. We have in front of us an MX gear created and designed from innovation and the results are excellent.

Offroad Pantalones off-road