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Fox Flexair 2018

Fox Flexair 2018 is the latest evolution of the highest range of the brand. In this way, the Flexair range receives a complete redesign. Designed for true motocross lovers, the innovations and the improvements in materials and adjustments take this 2018 model to a new level.

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Shift Blue Label | revolution in motocross

We introduce the Shift Blue Label gear, a real revolution in the field of motocross. Developed with a single objective in mind, pure perfomance on track, and focused on a fully professional use, the Blue Label of Shift is perhaps the most advanced motocross equipment on the market nowdays.

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2017 MX FOX equipment | 180 vs 360

The FOX 2017 MX range equipment has arrived at Motocard. As usual, the equipment is divided in the 180 and the 360 versions, each one with details and materials for a purpose: offer comfort, protection and flexibility when riding.

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