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Leatt 3DF AirFit protections

The new Leatt 3DF AirFit protections are the latest in safety for off-road fans. In this article we present you the 3DF AirFit vest and the 3DF AirFit protector: two very comfortable and flexible protectors. The main difference between them is that the overalls have protectors on the shoulders and elbows, while the vest does not have because among the off-road riders there are those who prefer to ride the bike more protected and others who prioritize maximum freedom of movement.

In addition, the two pieces adapt perfectly to the body and are compatible with the Leatt cervical protectors.

Offroad Protecciones
Asterisk Ultra Cell protection

The most technologically-advanced Knee Protection System available presents the new model with the Boa closure system. Its structure and the revolutionary design concepts make the Ultra Cell to be totally adjustable knee guards, able to provide a perfect balance between stiffness and freedom of movement.

Offroad Protecciones
Alpinestars A-10 full chest protection

The Alpinestars A-10 Full Chest is a revolutionary peto that stands out for its resistance and its innovative air channeling system. This is an ideal accessory for off-road riders as it has three protections in one: chest, back and shoulders.

Offroad Protecciones
Alpinestars Bionic Plus 2016 | the offroad soft protector

The Alpinestars Bionic Plus is a protection for motocross and enduro fans who are looking for a lightweight and integrated system and prefer soft to rigid protections. This protective dresses like an inner jacket and will cover our chest, back, shoulders and elbows to provide full protection integrated into a highly flexible fabric.

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