Bering Luminous jacket

The french brand Bering offers us an electroluminescent jacket: the Bering Luminous. It's a jacket very versatile to wear throughout the year and stands out, above all, the lighting system that has built-in and replacing the traditional high-visibility strips.
Materials and construction
The new Bering Luminous is a tight-fitting textile jacket, which is mainly used in the firm's Pulse and Racing products. This type of cut is called Body Fit.
Made of SoftShell fabric, very comfortable, elastic and breathable, the jacket also has Shieldtex stretch accordion inserts, highly abrasion resistant which facilitate freedom of movement of the arms.
Bering LuminousFrontal (left) and rear (right) view of the Bearing Luminous.
The jacket also incorporates a removable 100% waterproof and breathable BW Tech 500 membrane.
But undoubtedly, what stands out most of this innovative jacket is the B Light System technology, which provides safety and protection to the driver and offers visibility of 360º thanks to the luminous inserts spread throughout the jacket.
Bering LuminousLights on mode on the jacket.
Its operation is very simple: the button placed inside the arm allows you to activate or deactivate the luminous inserts, as well as to choose the fixed or intermittent mode. The rechargeable battery is found in the waterproof inner pocket and its can be recharged through a plug or USB that also come with the jacket.
The new Bering Luminous features detachable protections on shoulders and elbows with CE certification.
In addition, there is a compartment to mount a back protector, although this is not included with the jacket.
Temperature regulation
The removable membrane BW Tech 500 and the removable thermal jacket of long sleeve made of thermoaluminum, with two interior pockets, makes this jacket in a garment that can be used in any season of the year.
Bering LuminousThe inner detachable thermal liner.
Locks and pockets
On the one hand, the main closure of the Luminous consists of a heat-sealed front zipper that prevents the passage of water and cold. On the other hand, the collar of the jacket can be regulated by two push buttons. Finally, this new Bering also has a jacket-trouser connection system.
The two exterior pockets with heat-sealed zipper and the inner pocket with the reflective details to be more visible in night conditions or in low light, are other features of the jacket.
Bering LuminousClose up on the different fabric construction used: accorion pannel (left) and reinforzed zones (right).
In short, the Bering Luminous is a jacket with a sporting character ideal for users of naked and sports bikes that can be used at any season of the year, especially in winter, as well as in different weather conditions thanks to its removable membrane and lining.