Dainese Avro D1 jacket

The Dainese Avro D1 is a sports jacket made of high quality leather. With an aggressive design, it stands out for its great versatility and the removable thermal lining, making it a perfect garment to wear throughout the year.

Materials and construction

The Dainese Avro D1 is certified according to CE regulations. The jacket is made of Tutu, a high quality leather that optimizes abrasion resistance. In addition, it has S1 fabric with elastic inserts distributed by areas that require more movements, such as the arms or the neck, making it clear that this is a jacket designed for sports use.

Dainese Avro D1

Its pre-curved design and the elongated back are designed to protect the lower back when we drive in sports position, that is, docked on the motorcycle behind the dome.

The panels in accordion are located in the shoulder blades and the Microelastic insertions help to improve in comfort and freedom of movement.

Dainese Avro D1


The jacket is really flexible and we hardly notice the stiffness of the leather. Without a doubt, this is one of the most sporty jackets in the Dainese range. Without reaching the sporting details of the new Mugello Leather, the Avro D1 is a step above of jackets like Racing D1, for example.

The jacket we present in this post in red, white and black is a size 50, or an M, ideal for a man who measures between 175 cm and 180 cm, approximately.

Dainese Avro D1

If we make use of the jacket without the removable inner thermal lining, the comfort, the sensation of lightness and perspiration is still greater, thanks to the fixed lining Nanofeel with silver ions. This lining has a special treatment that prevents the appearance of moisture.


The protections of the Dainese Avro D1 are on the shoulders and elbows and are certified according to European conformity regulations.

On the shoulders we have the protectors coinjected with inserts of aluminum. On the elbows we find a compound protections.

Dainese Avro D1

Also in terms of safety, the jacket has padded inserts distributed across the front area in order to cushion a possible blow and reduce vibrations.

If we want to mount a type G back protector and double chest protector, the Avro is also prepared for this, although they must be purchased separately.

Dainese Avro D1

Interior and ventilation

In addition to the fixed Nanofeel lining, the jacket has two zippered openings on the back that favor the hot air from the inside of the jacket, thus improving perspiration.

Dainese Avro D1

Closure, pockets and details

The Dainese Avro D1 has a central zipper with a Velcro clasp on the neck, plus a waistband adjustable also by Velcro straps. In the cuffs we also find zippers and push button to improve ventilation.

As a good Racing jacket also incorporates a jacket-trouser connecting zip.

Dainese Avro D1

The jacket has two zippered outer pockets, another in the thermal lining and also has small reflective details on the top of the jacket, front and back, to be more visible at night or in low light.

In summary, the Dainese Avro D1 is characterized by excellent ergonomics and a high level of protection. Its removable thermal lining makes it an ideal jacket for lovers of a sporty driving. In addition, the Avro D1 is also marketed in different colors and lady version, with the same details but adapted to the female physiognomy.