Dainese Bristol D-Dry jacket

Dainese launches this fabulous jacket: the Dainese Bristol. A classic and stylish jacket ideal for wearing in cold and wet weather thanks to its D-Dry waterproof membrane and removable thermal lining.

Materials and construction

The Dainese Bristol is made entirely of Motegi fabric, that is laminated with waterproof and breathable D-Dry membrane with a great ability to repel water.

Dainese Bristol D-DryImage of the Dainese Bristol D-Dry, classic style and perfect for use around the city.

A standard value called 'hydrostatic head' or HH is used to measure the water resistance of the membranes. The HH arises from laboratory tests: on a piece of membrane a water column is applied and the absorption of liquid that has been produced is measured. In this case, the HH ratio of this D-Dry is 20.000 mm of water in the column, a high value that makes this D-Dry one of the membranes with the most water resistance capacity within the Dainese range.


After testing the jacket we can assure that the robustness that it offers is total. The feeling of being protected and sheltered on the motorcycle is noticed from the first moment.

Dainese Bristol D-DryThe D-Dry membrane is laminated to the outer fabric of the jacket.

Thanks to the regulation of the waist and hips we can adjust the jacket according to the style of driving that we have.

The D-Dry membrane is laminated to the outer fabric. Therefore, we find a single layer of fabric with the impermeable membrane adhered. This makes the jacket more comfortable and wearable.

The four outer pockets are perfectly located and their large dimensions allow us to handle them at all times, even with the gloves on.


At the elbows we find Pro Armor moldable protections, certified according to EN 1621.1., which can be dismantled.

We have the same type of protection of last generation on the shoulders.

On the back, the jacket is ready to mount Pro Armor type G protectors, although they are not included and must be purchased separately.


The waterproof membrane D-Dry already commented ensures an optimum breathability.

Dainese Bristol D-DryThe Bristol incorporates a removable thermal lining, giving the jacket a great versatility.

In addition, the removable thermal lining allows us to adapt the jacket to the weather conditions. In fact, the lining performs perfectly during the cold days, but without the lining the Bristol becomes a wearable jacket perfectly in times of mid-season.


With regard to the closure, the front zip Idraflap prevents the passage of water, air and cold, keeping us warm. This closure is reinforced by push buttons, also on the neck to prevent the passage of cold.

On the hips we find a zipper to adapt the jacket better to our body, a great solution considering that it is a jacket longer than usual.

Dainese Bristol D-DryThe Dainese Bristol allows to regulate the waist and the hips.

The cuffs of the jacket are also adjustable by push buttons, just like the waist.

Pockets and details

The Bristol has four large outer pockets on the front to store our belongings in a comfortable way.

Inside we have a waterproof pocket, also large, to store our most delicate objects, such as the wallet, and a pocket in the thermal lining itself.

In addition, showing off its versatility, the jacket has a specific pocket for the Smartphone and phone holder.

The jacket is also marketed in a blue version.

In short, with the Dainese Bristol D-Dry we have a very complete and very elegant jacket that can be worn throughout the year, especially during the colder days. Its features commented make it a perfect jacket for town and to realize kilometers and kilometers of road.