Dainese Mugello Leather jacket

Few more radical jackets exist in the Dainese 2017 catalog than this Mugello Leather. A super sport jacket with advanced safety technology derived from MotoGP and quality materials.

Construction and materials

The Dainese Mugello Leather is a jacket designed for a sport use without concessions. The construction has numerous protections, aerodynamic hump, a more elongated rear and a pre-curved design thought for a position in aggressive driving.

Dainese MugelloThe leather called D-Skin 2.0 is the main material of the Dainese Mugello Leather.

Leather is the main material: it is the skin called D-Skin 2.0 with a special treatment to increase its values ​​of resistance to abrasion.

The interesting thing is that it also incorporates S1 bielastic tissue in areas that require more flexibility, such as the inner side of the arms, the neck, the aerodynamic hump or the lower area. We also find a large tri-axial accordion panel at the back, from the lower area to the shoulder blades, and elastic micro-inserts in the arms.


And is that this jacket is very flexible. The jacket expands or contracts, giving the impression of wearing an elastic garment more than a leather jacket.

Dainese MugelloAs we see in the image, the rear of the Dainese Mugello is longer, in addition to having a pre-curved design.

This Dainese leather panel construction is not new, but it achieves a higher level of freedom than other Dainese models. The Mugello has a sporting character just below the racing suits.


Numerous are the protections provided by the Mugello, from external inserts to internal protections and paddings. The aluminum inserts on the shoulders, newly designed, as well as titanium at the elbows are two remarkable aspects. But here we have another important innovation: the replaceable elbow slides to drive to the limit.

Dainese MugelloDetail of the sliders located on the elbows area and the aluminum protector.

These outer inserts cover the level 2 inner guards on the shoulders and elbows. The shoulders are easily removable by Velcro. There is also a space to mount back protector and chest protectors, although they are not included as standard. The jacket also has paddings, as we can see in the back or arms.


The interior of the jacket is designed to fit a sporty driving, offering maximum perspiration. The inner lining comes with NanoFeel technology, a special treatment to prevent the appearance of moisture by sweating. This lining has two types of constructions: perforated mesh and 3D Bubble mesh, formed by small air chambers that help a better regulation of the interior temperature.

Closure and details

The jacket has a zip with Velcro and jacket-trouser connection. We can customize the fit thanks to the waist straps with push button and the zippers of the forearms.

Dainese MugelloTo the left, detail of the pockets that the Dainese Mugello has in the front part. To the right, detail of the ventilation that has in the back to regulate the interior temperature.

The jacket has two outer pockets with zip, plus two openings to regulate the interior temperature, located on both sides of the back.

In short, the Dainese Mugello Leather is a quality product. Every detail of this jacket has been designed to enjoy the bike. Sport comfort based on ergonomic performance and a lot of safety, all derived from the experience of the brand in competition.