Dainese Rain Master D-Dry jacket

The Dainese Rain Master D-Dry is a very complete sport-touring jacket with an aggressive design designed for lovers of the routes throughout the year. The Rain Master also stands out for its great versatility and multiple adjustments.

Materials and construction

The Rain Master D-Dry is made mainly in a combination of cowhide and Mugello fabric. In addition, we find reinforcements in areas such as shoulders and elbows.

The jacket has Microelastic 2.0 fabric on the shoulder blades and elbows, designed to improve comfort, especially when we make movements on the bike.

Dainese Rain Master D-DryWith a combination of cowhide and Mugello fabric, the Dainese Rain Master fits our body.

The Rain Master is ready to cope with any weather conditions, thanks to the D-Dry breathable and waterproof membrane.


The comfort and feeling of protection is maximum. In addition, we realize immediately that it is a very versatile jacket. The difference between to wear or not the thermal lining is abysmal. If we remove the lining we have a perfect jacket to wear in hot days.

Dainese Rain Master D-DryImage of the back of the Rain Master, with a large pocket.

Its current profile with sports dyes allows us to equip it whatever our motorcycle typology, even with naked and sporty motorcycles.

But undoubtedly one of the great advantages of this jacket are its multiple adjustments. We have adjustable cuffs and wrists and also adjustable waist with strap and adjustable arms also with the same system.

The neck area has a piece of neoprene to prevent friction and gain in comfort when we perform head movements on top of the bike.


In terms of safety, the Rain Master has certified removable compound protectors on elbows and removable composite protectors, also certified, on the shoulders. In addition, in the elbows we see a wide panel of cow hide to avoid the abrasion in case of fall. On the shoulders we find a rigid PU protector, designed to cushion the impacts and fight against abrasion in case of an accident.

Dainese Rain Master D-DryDetails of the protections found on shoulders (left) and elbows (right).

Unlike other jackets, we don't notice the protections when we ride with the bike, and the comfort is increased significantly.

The padding areas are so important, like the reflective inserts located in the front area of ​​the jacket to be more visible in night or low light conditions, and the space of a back protector of type G1 and G2, although it must be purchased separately.

Interior and ventilation

Inside, in addition to the removable thermal lining and the waterproof and breathable D-Dry membrane discussed above, we find two openings with zip in the chest area with ventilation grilles, in the same way as in the back, for optimal circulation of the air.

Dainese Rain Master D-DryOn the left we see the rear air vents, with zip and grid shape. To the right we can see the reinforcements in the area of the elbow to combat the abrasion.


Pockets, closure and details

As a good sport-touring jacket, prepared for long trips, it has numerous pockets: two interiors, two exterior in the front, one in the thermal lining and the large pocket located in the back of the jacket to save our things.

The main closure consists of an Idraflap zipper, which prevents the passage of water and cold, along with push buttons and a Velcro in the neck area. The jacket also has connecting zip.

Dainese Rain Master D-DryThe Rain Master has a detachable thermal lining with a pocket to save our most important belongings, as we see in the image.

In summary, with the Rain Master we have a very complete jacket, resistant, and surprisingly practical, with multiple pockets and adjustments that make it a solution for your most fascinating motorbike adventures. There is no doubt that Dainese launches a secured jacket successfully.