Segura Retro jacket

The Segura Retro is a vintage style leather jacket that blends elegance and comfort, which makes it an ideal garment to move around the city during the cold months, thanks to  its removable thermal lining.

Materials and construction

The new Segura Retro jacket is made bovine or buffalo leather depending on the color, which translates into comfort and protection for the driver.

Segura RetroThe leather is the most used material in the new Segura Retro jacket, as you can see in the photograph.

The jacket also has two linings: a removable thermal and a fixed mesh interior, allowing various combinations depending on the weather and the route.

Segura RetroLeft: detail of the inner thermal lining of the Segura Retro; Right: detail of the fixed mesh interior.

The neck is made of neoprene, so it prevents chafing and improves the comfort of the rider on the bike.


The Segura Retro has detachable protectors on shoulders with CE certification, as well as others in the elbows, detachable, adjustable and also with CE certification.

In addition, in the shoulders area we find quilting for a greater comfort and protection of the rider.

Segura RetroDetail of the neoprene in the neck area and of the quilting in the shoulders.

Finally, in the back we have the possibility of mounting a back protector, although this is not included with the jacket and must be purchased separately.

Temperature regulation

The Segura Retro is a jacket for different times of the year thanks to the variability offered by the detachable thermal lining.

In the lower part of the arms we find two zippers that allow us to increase the air flow, improving the temperature, especially hot days.


Locks and pockets

The Segura Retro has a vintage main zipper with the 70's logo, as well as adjustable waistband for an optimal fit to our trunk.

Segura RetroThe 70's logo is a constant in the new Segura Retro. The zipper of the jacket also has this detail.

At the height of the wrists we find two push buttons, while the neck also has a closure of this type for better adjustment.

The pockets of the jacket allows us to save a lot of things thanks to its five outside pockets, one on the right arm, and the three that the Retro has inside.

Segura RetroThe Segura Retro has five exterior and three interior pockets.

As a point, and only if it we want, it is not enough to have a product that cleans, nourish and revitalize, like the Motul Perfect Leather, to keep it always as the first day.

In short, the Segura Retro is a versatile jacket thanks to its removable thermal lining and fixed mesh, ideal for all those bikers who use the motorcycle in the city and want to honor the aesthetics of the 70s and 80s.