SPIDI 4Season H2Out jacket

The SPIDI 4Season H2Out is a jacket designed to wear 365 days a year. It is a perfect travel companion for the most adventurous riders. Its removable H2Out waterproof membrane and removable thermal lining make it a truly versatile garment.

Materials and construction

The exterior of the SPIDI 4Season H2Out jacket is made of high strength polyester with Extra Tenax reinforcements and Flex Tenax elastic inserts. Made of Nylon 6.6, the Tenax combines high-tech materials that improve the comfort of the jacket.

We have H2Out waterproof membrane, breathable and removable, which also acts as a windstopper. Under this membrane is located the removable thermal lining, with padding of 100 grams. All for comfort and really good thermal insulation.

Spidi 4Season H2OutImage front and back of the SPIDI 4Season H2Out, made of high strength polyester with reinforcements Extra Tenax and elastic inserts Flex Tenax.

The jacket allows us to mount the membrane and the thermal lining according to the season of the year, thanks to the Step-in-Clothing system. With push buttons, it is a fast and simple system that makes this jacket a very versatile garment.

The Step-in-Clothing system also allows us to install another SPIDI waterproof membrane different from the standard one. Thus, in this jacket we could mount the H2Out X47 membrane, of greater capacity impermeable. Of course, it must be purchased separately.


In terms of safety, the jacket equips Force-Tech detachable protectors on shoulders and elbows, with CE-certified. In addition, the 4Season has a compartment to mount a Warrior back protector, fixed by Velcro. There are also two push buttons in the chest area to anchor the Warrior chest protector. Both protectors are not included as standard.

Spidi 4Season H2OutThe new SPIDI 4Season H2Out has compartments to mount chest protector and back protector.

As usual, the 4Season also features reflective details to be more visible in night driving or in low light.

Temperature regulation

The ventilation system is one of the strengths of this jacket. It consists of flaps with zippers, velcro and push buttons, which give access to net or mesh panels in both the chest and back.

Spidi 4Season H2OutThe ventilation system is one of the strengths of this jacket. It consists of flaps with zippers and push buttons, as we can see in the image.

Thus, we can drive without zippers or increase even more the air flow by fixing the fabric panel to the push buttons. This allows a greater personalization of the interior temperature that helps us to circulate in all kinds of conditions.

In addition, the 4Season also has air inlets in the sleeves that facilitate the airflow inside the arms.

Locks and pockets

The SPIDI 4Season H2Out has a zippered main closure, while the neck area features the adjustable EST system; It is a push button mounted on a velcro base that allows us to customize the position of the neck closure.

The waist and side of the jacket are also adjustable as well as the width of the sleeves, all for a greater comfort.

Spidi 4Season H2OutDetail of the front pocket of the 4Season H2Out and the main zipper of the jacket.

The straps for the legs also prevent that the jacket hinders us the longer journeys.

As for the pockets, the SPIDI 4Season H2Out has four exterior pockets on the front, two of which are waterproof, plus a large back pocket and other inside the jacket.

In short, the SPIDI 4Season H2Out is a very technical and versatile jacket that adapts perfectly to different climatic situations and it is ideal for the adventurous people. It can be combined with the 4Season H2Out pant, forming a formidable touring gear. The gear is also available in Lady version.