Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar jacket and pant

The Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar is a winter and mid-season suit with a great price. If you are looking for a jacket and pant with waterproof membrane for all the year, consider the analysis of this gear.

Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar jacket

The Andes V2 jacket has changed substantially from the previous version. Alpinestars trust on the same materials, but the brand has changed its design to win in various sections, especially in ventilation.

Made in polyester 600D, this textile jacket has reinforcements in the shoulder and elbow area using polyurethane panels that improves its resistance to abrasion. To gain in flexibility, the Andes V2 has elastic panels on the elbows. Under the main fabric, we find the Drystar membrane, in addition to a perforated lining that helps the ventilation. To all this we can add the detachable thermal lining, which is long sleeve. The result is a versatile jacket, able to protect us from the cold and rain all the year.

Alpinestars Andes V2 DrystarGeneral view of the Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar, made in polyester 600D.

The ventilation of the jacket is now more complete thanks to the new Direct Ventilation system: two wide air inlets in the chest, all of them with heat sealed zippers, direct the air flow directly to the body. The air finds exit through two openings in the back. In this way, we have good regulation of the internal flow.

In term of protections, we have detachable shoulder and elbow protectors with certification CE that are complemented with foam padding on the chest and back. Precisely the compartments that receive these foams allow to install the chest protector and the Nucleon back protector. Working for our safety, we have small paddings on the shoulder blades and reflective inserts.

Alpinestars Andes V2 DrystarDetail of the Direct Ventilation system of the Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar.

The watertightness of the Andes V2 is ensured thanks to its main zipper with flap and Velcro with a hook to be able to hold it in the open position. Another positive of the jacket is the push button at its base, with rubber coating to protect the gasoline tank.

The jacket is full of details to win in comfort, such as soft neck lining to prevent chafing, adjustments in sleeves, cuffs, waist and paddings chin and nape, in addition to a connective zip for Alpinestars jackets and pants. Finally, we have five pockets, including two that are waterproof.

Alpinestars Andes V2 DrystarThe Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar is full of details to win in comfort, as we can see in the image.

Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar pant

The materials of the pant V2 are similar: we find polyester 600D and polyurethane panels. Precisely on the knees we have panels in accordion to facilitate their flexion. Finally, it incorporates the Drystar membrane and a removable thermal lining. The Direct Ventilation system has also been applied to the pant, with air inlets with heat-sealed zippers located on the legs.

As for safety, the pant includes detachable and certificated protections on the knees, while we have foams on the hips, but we can mount an Alpinestars Nucleon Hip, although it is not included as standard.

Alpinestars Andes V2 DrystarGeneral view of the Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar pant.

We have multiple adjustments, especially at the waist and lower part of each leg. The detachable shoulder straps, as well as the connective zip to the jacket are anothers features. The pant has a good load level, with four outer pockets, two of them waterproof.

Remember that this gear is also available in Lady version that fits perfectly to female morphology.

Alpinestars Andes V2 DrystarWe have a lot of adjustments in the Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar pant, especially at the waist and lower part of each leg.

In short, it is a very complete gear. The Alpinestars Andes V2 Drystar is better in many aspects of the previous model without it supposes an increase the price, reason why it continues being a touring set for all the year with a great price-quality.