Gore-Tex Dainese gloves comparison

Today we analyse two different gloves from the Dainese winter range. Both gloves feature Gore-Tex membrane but their construction is quite different. Let's see them!

Construction and materials
Waterproof Gore-Tex membrane is one of the best on the market, with insulation values than other membranes and perspiration. The Gore-Tex is located below the main material, the elasticated fabric which gives flexibility to the glove and abrasion resistance. On the inside there is an inner lining made with Dexfil thermal padding. For better ergonomics, both gloves have Microelásticos inserts.

To our left: the Dainese X-Travel Gore-Tex; to our right Dainese Freeland Gore-Tex.

So where is the difference between the two gloves? In its construction. On the one hand, we have the Freeland are classic gloves long cane, while the X-Travel are also long cane, but have a better insulating sleeve inside. This makes the X-Travel about something more technical gloves, intended to fight the cold and rain for long journeys. Reed also has two 'portholes' to facilitate the exit of moisture that can occur between the rod and the sleeve.

Dainese X-Travel Gore-Tex close up, focusing on the wrist's shaft (left) and its two circular water evacuation ports (right).

But there are more differences: the palm of both gloves has buff Amica reinforcements to protect the most critical areas to wear and abrasion: these reinforcements are sheepskin in Freeland but the X-Travel are skin goat, something more durable.

Dainese X-Travel Gore-Tex (left) and Freeland Gore-Tex (right) palms.

In this section we find large differences: Freeland ComforTech have protection on the knuckles, made of polyurethane and located below the main fabric. Instead, in the X-Travel we are advanced protections Ergo-Tek Italian brand, made of polyurethane and titanium inserts exterior.
The X-Travel features a titanium knuckle protector (left) and little finger protector (right).

In the palm, Freeland have padding at the base of the hand, while the X-Travel opt for a piece of polyurethane in the same area, which protects and acts as guideway should rely on a possible fall. The X-Travel thermoformed also have protections in the joints of the fingers and Distortion Control on the little finger, which prevents twisting it.

Freeland's palm leather inserts close up. 

Close and details
As for closures, Freeland cane arranged in a wide velcro flap, while the wrist there is a Velcro strip with metal ring for adjusting the same. If we turn to the X-Travel, its waterproof inner sleeve makes the X-Travel isolate themselves from the cold and rain. This sleeve has rubber edge to improve sealing, so that the rod does not need glove Velcro closure. Instead there is a zipper with autolock system, which ensures its cierrre addition to the Velcro strip with ring wrist preventing mismatching of the glove. The sleeve and shaft have handles for easy put on our gloves.

Dainese Freeland Gore-Tex closure system, featuring two velcro straps in our wrist.

Inserts are also sensitive digital screens in the rate of skin both models, which allow us to interact with mobile or GPS. Both gloves have a rubber left thumb, as a windshield wiper.

We can apreciate the internal phalanx protectors (left) and the 'digital leather' finish in the index finger (right) from the Dainese X-Travel Gore-Tex.

Of the two versions, the Freeland represent the most affordable option within the range of Dainese gloves with Gore-Tex, with all the protection and comfort we need. The X-Travel, meanwhile, a step are above, thanks to its performance and sophistication, ensuring maximum insulation on long routes and in midwinter.

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