Spidi Traveler 2 H2Out gear

The Spidi Traveler 2 H2Out gear, consisting of jacket and trousers, stands out mainly for being very versatile and functional. The exclusive H2Out waterproof membrane by Spidi together with the removable thermal lining make this kit the perfect ally for the coldest months and for long journeys by motorcycle.

Materials and construction

Both the jacket and the trousers are made of high tenacity polyester, a material very resistant to abrasion. In addition, the jacket incorporates reinforcements in sleeves and shoulders to make it even more complete.

Spidi Traveler 2 H2OutFull image of the Spidi Traveler 2 H2Out set..

Underneath the upper layer, the H2Out membrane is waterproof and breathable. This membrane also acts as a windstopper.


Inside the jacket we have a removable thermal lining with long sleeves and padding of 100 grams. In addition to shelter in a considerable way, this padding offers us a lot of comfort.

Spidi Traveler 2 H2OutImage of the interior of the Spidi Traveler 2 H2Out jacket.

To gain even more in comfort and protection against inclement weather, we can acquire the thermal lining extra-warm Thermo Max Liner L63, which offers a greater warmth.


Zippered air inlets in the front area of ​​the jacket allow to adapt to different climatic situations. In the same way as the pants, since it has two entrances with zippers in the area of ​​the thighs.

Spidi Traveler 2 H2OutZippered air vents in the front area of the Traveler 2 make it easy to adapt to different weather conditions.

In addition, if we remove the long-sleeved thermal lining of the jacket and the lining of the pants, ventilation and breathability are clearly increased, even being able to take on hot days.


The Traveler-2 jacket features removable Force-Tech protectors on certified shoulders and elbows. The jacket is also prepared to mount a back protector Z53, Z54, Z147 and Z172, although it is not included and must be purchased separately.

Spidi Traveler 2 H2OutOn the left we see the reflective detail of the jacket. On the right, the strap adjustment in the waist area.

The trousers, on the other hand, also have approved Warrior Lite kneepads to improve protection. The height of these protections is adjustable. It also has protections on the hips.

The reflective details for better visibility, both in the jacket and the pants, in night driving or in low light are another aspect that does not go unnoticed in terms of safety.

Pockets and adjustments

The jacket has two waterproof outer pockets on the front, one inside, plus another located on the removable inner lining. The pant, on the other hand, has a small pocket located on the left side that allows us to save some objects to keep them handy.

It also highlights the connection zipper jacket-pants if we want to join the set and make it more robust.

Spidi Traveler 2 H2OutThe adjustments of the trousers, especially in the lower part, are also important for the comfort of the rider.

And as a good touring jacket designed for all situations, we find adjustments in cuffs, sleeves, waist even in the chest area. The neck is also adjustable thanks to the adjustable EST system. This consists of a fastening system that can be moved thanks to a Velcro located in the same area.

The trousers, in addition to the main closure, allows to adjust the waist and the lower area, in this case with snap buttons and a long zipper.

Spidi Traveler 2 H2OutDetail of the adjustable EST system, located in the neck area.

In short, with the new Spidi Traveler-2 H2Out gear your motorcycle trips are more than protected under any climatic conditions. A very versatile jacket and trousers with multiple adjustments to adapt to the different types of driving during the coldest months of the year. This gear is also available in female version.

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