Dainese D-Blizzard D-Dry: waterproof jacket

The Dainese D-Blizzard D-Dry jacket has been designed to provide optimum protection to the rider in both the the cold and rain thanks to its removable inner thermal liner and the D-Dry waterproof membrane that incorporates inside.

The outer jacket material is D-Synth 310L, similar to sanity fabric with anti-abrasion and insulating properties. In the outer zone of the shoulders, elbows and forearms are reinforcements with high strength fabric. This material is combined with a D-Dry waterproof membrane, which is also highly breathable, and acts as a barrier against water and cold.

All this is reinforced by a long-sleeved thermal lining made in polyester. This liner is removable through a system of buttons and zippers. We also found an independent thermal neck that can be extracted through a system of snap buttons. Touch in this area is very soft and comfortable.

The jacket has internal protections on shoulders and elbows. All of them are removable by velcro and zipper respectively. Shoulder protection feature on the outside of another thermoformed protective coated combined with the high strength fabric we mentioned before.

The jacket also has a compartment to accommodate a back protector Dainese and spaces to include trunk protector of the brand, but these guards do not come standard with the jacket.
Although we have a winter jacket here, the D-Blizzard features a generous air intake in the front area, thanks to a heat-sealed zipper closure. The two escape exits hot air are in the back of the jacket.
Closures, adjustments and details
The main closing jacket is a combination of zipper and two flaps which are closed by buttons and velcro. Furthermore, there is broad neck panel with Velcro which ensures complete isolation in this critical area.
As for the settings, the jacket has adjustment straps on sleeves and waist and through flexible cords to isolate the bottom of the jacket. For complete isolation with winter gloves on, we have adjustments on sleeves by snap buttons.

Looking at the pockets, we find that the D-Blizzard has two with zipper closure and flap heat sealed buttons on the front. These pockets have small holes for moisture and water evacuation. There is another large pocket in the lower back area, with Velcro closure, as well as a waterproofed one inside jacket, with zipper closure too.

The jacket also has Dainese's especific pants connection zipper and a flexible area in the kidney area, to provide all the mobility we need when we go on a motorcycle. In addition, some strategically placed reflective strips on the front, sleeves and back jacket allow greater visibility in low light.

The Dainese D-Blizzard, although it is a jacket designed specifically to withstand the cold and rain of winter, has some technical materials and a ventilation system capable of providing comfort and breathability necessary also in midtimes, like spring and fall, where rain and cold can always occur.

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