Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex

The Dainese D-Cyclone Gore-Tex is a textile jacket that features a Gore-Tex internal layer, leather inserts and a removable thermal liner. It s a sport-touring jacket, useful both for long journeys and for a daily use...

Materials and construction

The Dainese D-Cyclone is a jacket made with 2L textile, a material that is very resistant to the wear and which features a Gore-Tex waterproof laminated layer in the same textile. That means that the jacket does not include an extra layer, but this inner is integrated in the 2L textile. According to offer a greater flexibility, we find a elastic textile in some areas, as the shoulder blades. And there are also leather areas on the sleeves and the shoulders. This leather panels will offer greater resistance in an event of a fall.

On its inside we find a removable thermal liner, of long sleeve from the Valtherm brand, which has been optimized for an optimal breathability. It is a high quality thermal layer that, combined with the Gore-Tex membrane, offer a great protection against the rain and low temperatures on the Winter, so we are in front of a high-class touring jacket. We can install or remove the liner through a zipper system and pressure buttons. If we remove this layer we will find the microperforated and non-removable internal layer, for a better breathability.


As we are in front of a jacket that has been designed for using it on long journeys, there are two air inlets in the chest and two air outlets in the back. With a thermosealed zipper, these entrances do not allow the water to come in and also provide ventilation between the thermal liner and the external textile, helping to a better temperature's control. So with all these details, we can assure that the jacket has been designed for a use during the Spring, Autumn and Winter seasons with high comfort.


The D-Cyclone fetaures certified and removable protectors on shoulders and elbows. In the shoulders there are two rigid inserts made with polyurethane with an external leather finish. But if we want to ride more protected, we can install a Wave G back protector and the Double Chest Protectors on the chest area, so we increase the jacket's protection.

Closures, adjustments and pockets

The main jacket's closure is a zipper and there is a double flap for a better isolation, while in the neck area there is a velcro adjustment with an elastic textil that adapts to our needs. The jacket also includes thermosealed zippers in the sleeves for a better fitment, and also pressure buttons, anti-floating flaps in the arms and stripes, all this for a greater adjustment.

Regarding the pockets, there are four in the external front area, two of them smaller and the other two are waterproof with a greater capacity, with thermosealed zipper and a pair of orifices for the moisture evacuation. On the inside there is a pocket in the left side and another one in the thermal liner.

The D-Cyclone jacket is full of details that make easier our journeys on the bike. In the neck we find a rubber finish that protects the neck from the water, but we can also travel with a thermal neck protector during the coldest days, made with the same material than the thermal liner. The neck warmer is removable through pressure buttons. We also find reflective areas for being seen on low light situations.

Summarising, we are in front of a premium jacket, that is the best buy for those who use the motorbike during all the year round, with no matter about the weather. We can use it both on a daily use and for long journeys or holidays by bike.

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