Dainese Hyper Flux D-Dry: the vented and waterproof jacket

The Dainese Hyper Flux D-Dry jacket is a new product for next season. It is a textile and vented jacket that features a removable waterproof layer that will protect us from the water in an event of rain. 

Materials and construction

The Dainese Hyper Flux D-Dry's construction is a typical from a sport-touring product. Made with 100% textile materials, the jacket features teh Duratex textile and mesh panels, both with high resistant properties against the wear. The mesh panels are located in the sleeves, chest and back, so there are ventilation at all time.

Front view (left) and rear view (right) of the Dainese Hyper Flux D-Dry jacket.

The external material is combined with an internal and microperforated layer, that optimizes its ventilation. But there is also a removable waterproof layer. That means the jacket can be weared during  Spring and Autumn seasons, when we need a better protection against the wind and the rain. This layer can be easily removed when it is no useful.

The jacket has a removable waterproof layer on its inside (left), while the microperforated layer offers a good ventilation (right).


The jacket has internal and removable protections on shoulders and elbows. On the shoulders' external area there is a Polyurethane protector. According to increase the protection, the Dainese Hyper Flux D-Dry has compartments with zip closures to include Dainese's chest and back protectors. Both protections are not included on the jacket althought they are recommended.

Closures and adjustments

The main closure is a zipper, while in the neck's area there is a velcro closure and padded areas according to offer a great touch. There are also reflective strips for being seen in low light situations. We can also adjust the jacket on the sleeves and waist for a 'fine tune' to our body. The jacket features two external pockets with zip closures.

Detail of the jacket's adjustment components: buttons on the sleeves (left) and velcro on the waist (right).

Summarising, the Dainese Hyper Flux D-Dry is a summer and vented jacket also useful on Spring and Autumn thanks to its waterproof layer. 

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