DAINESE Laguna Seca Evo: The success of a legend

The great success of the Dainese Laguna Seca was to prioritise comfort and ergonomics in a versatile leather suit that can be used sporadically on the road or on the track. The EVO version improves these qualities and provides new ideas that improve the sports-comfort ratio.

It’s been a few years since the first Dainese Laguna Seca suit appeared. It is a leather suit with all the properties that users demand: protections on shoulders, elbows and forearms, apart from having a hump on the back and padded inserts in some areas. But the essential feature that has made the Dainese Laguna Seca one of the best selling suits is its flexibility and adaptation to the different shapes and physical constitutions of their owner’s bodies.

Dainese has not ignored this wise choice and has continued to work on offering the flexibility and ergonomics of the Laguna Seca in a new suit that unites the most advanced techniques in protection as well as comfort for all types of users. In this way, we have the Laguna Seca Evo, a suit that does not renounce comfort and provides important details for maximum protection on the track as well as the road.


The Laguna Seca Evo uses cowhide as the main material and S1 fabric inserts, material resistant to abrasion and tearing.


The suit has protectors in the elbows, knees and shin, homologated by the EU with the normative on motorbike protection equipment EN 1621.1/97. Also, the shoulder has aluminium inserts, a material very resistant to knocks and that does not come off. Lastly, highlight the ProShape padded inserts in the sides of the suit, according to European normative EN 1621.1. The function of this padding is twofold; one, it protects the areas of the body that could be exposed to knocks in the event of an accident; and two, it also allows for  flexibility of the body, giving comfort on the go.


The suit presents micro-perforated areas that facilitate the inner ventilation and ensure a great comfort on the go. The suit is also sold in a summer version, with a much greater area of perforated leather. On the other hand, the Laguna Seca Evo has a removable NanoFeel inner lining.


The Dainese Laguna Seca Evo presents micro elastic inserts in legs, back and elbow as well as the biaxial elastic back offering optimum mobility while riding. The neck area hasan elastic fabric that provides comfort in this area.

Other Features

The Laguna Seca Evo leather suit has a Fastening system on the lower part of the legs so that it fits perfectly and safely in the boots. In the same area there is a double zip, for a perfect fit to the leg. The aerodynamic hump is another novelty of the Evo version, whilst maintaining the other features of the previous Laguna Seca, like the interchangeable sliders or the inner pocket. The Laguna Seca has Velcro on the inside of the leg to optimally hold it to the boots when the suit goes over them.

The Laguna Seca is sold in two versions: standard and summer (called Estiva), which incorporate micro-perforations that increase the suit’s ventilation. It can also be acquired in two different versions, according to the functions that we prioritise: on the one hand, the one piece Evo suit, devised mainly for circuit use, that makes us take up a more racing position and on the other hand, the two piece version, which provides more mobility and a wide range of movements.


The Laguna Seca Evo has European CE approval - Cat. II with standard 89/686/EEC

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