Dainese Motorshoe Air JB

The Dainese Motorshoe Air JB are an average boots ideal for the warmer days thanks to its ventilation. A perfect choice if you use the bike every day during hot weather and look for lightness and comfort with a sporty touch on the bike.

Construction and materials

The Dainese Motorshoe Air JB has the CE certification for category II motorcycle footwear.

Dainese Motorshoe Air JBImage of the Dainese Motorshoe Air, boots made of high strength polyamide fabric.

The shoe is made of high strength polyamide fabric, while on the top we find chamois leather. Being a ventilated boot and thought for the hot days the cooling of our foot is assured, both on motorcycle and scooter.


The boot has rigid insertions on the malleoles (the two lateral protrusions of the ankle) to achieve a greater protection. The heel area and the inside of the toe are reinforced with polyurethane.

In the zone of the gearshift and in the area of the ankle we also find reinforcements to protect these zones. In addition, the inner ankle protector has a dual function because it has a type of surface that facilitates the grip to the bike.

Dainese Motorshoe Air JBIn the image we can see the insertion in "grip control" in the rear of the Motorshoe Air as well as the protector in the ankle area.

But undoubtedly, the highlight of this boot is the "grip control" in polyurethane that covers the entire back of the foot. This insertion, besides protecting us from injuries and from abrasion in a possible fall, allows us to be fully integrated with our moto. This zone has an excellent grip with the bike, facilitating the driving considerably.

In terms of safety, there are also reflective inserts on the outside of the boot and in the fastening of the cords for better visibility in night driving or in low light.


The Motorshoe Air has an inner lining in breathable fabric which translates into comfort and for the rider. In fact, with the boot put on and running the comfort and fresh feeling is total.

Also in the interior we have a very fine anatomical template made of nylon. The feel and feel of safety and comfort, both on the bike and when walking, is total. From the first moment the adaptation is precise, allowing small movements, but always preserving the stability of the whole of the foot.

Sole and closure

The sole is made of rubber. Skywalk, the company that made the sole, offers a grip and a perfect balance in dry and wet. In fact, the peculiar drawing of the sole is designed to evacuate the water.

Dainese Motorshoe Air JBThe sole of the Motorshoe Air is manufactured by Skywalk, designed to evacuate the water.

With regard to the closure, the Motorshoe Air use a system of laces as the main element.

In addition, the laces are in the instep. In this way, the fit is excellent and the grip is absolute.

Dainese Motorshoe Air JBOn the left we see the closure with laces. On the right, the shift lever protector and the reinforced toe.

In summary, the Dainese Motorshoe Air are ideal boots for use on motorbike and scooter. Offering high levels of protection and being very comfortable. They are also comfortable when walking, which makes them a very versatile footwear for the hottest days. In addition to the Air version, which was also marketed for women, it is noteworthy that the Motorshoe is marketed in a waterproof version called D-WP.