Dainese Pro-Armor: new protections

Dainese presents its new range of protections, Pro-Armor family. It is a range of products that form an alternative to the rigid Wave and Manis protections of the brand for those who want lightness, ergonomics and ventilation without giving up safety.

Dainese Pro-Armor Range features

Dainese has followed its own philosophy to get a unique product.

All Pro-Armor protections are made of carbon elastomer, a highly flexible material with a great ability to disperse the energy of an impact. The protections adopt a fractal construction: these geometric forms are so particular inspired by nature. What is a fractal construction? The geometric figures are more numerous in the areas more susceptible to be damaged in an impact, whereas, as we move away from this critical center, the geometric forms are dispersed.

Dainese Pro-ArmorOn the left, image of the Pro-Armor Back. To the right, a detailed image of the orthopedic belt, which is attached to our body by means of velcro strips that join the back protector as a belt.

This set of material and construction is capable of dispersing 83% of the energy generated by an impact. This ensures that Pro-Armor protections have a Level 2 protection, the highest currently and whose level of security allows us to enter into circuit with them. In addition, fractal construction allows the air flow, with a transpiration of 43%, a low weight and great flexibility.

All these features, together, offer us comfort and safety on the road difficult to overcome.

Dainese Pro-ArmorThe insert-type back protector is very flexible in order to adapt perfectly to the physiognomy of each driver.

To show the characteristics of Pro Armor protections, we have different models from the Dainese range.

Pro-Armor back protector

The back protectors are available in two types: with belt or insert type.

The Pro-Armor Back model has an orthopedic belt at the waist. This belt is attached to our body by means of velcro strips. The wide center strip is used as an adjustment, while on the sides of each strip we also have Velcro, so we can customize the height of these tapes.

Dainese Pro-ArmorThe Dainese Pro-Armor Back has removable straps.

In addition, there are also straps from the top, near the nape, to the mid back that improve the grip on the top. These straps are also removable by strap system. Inside the Pro-Armor Back there are two measures, Short and Long, to adapt to the height of each rider.

In case of the insert type protection we find two models: Pro-Armor G1 and G2.

Dainese Pro-ArmorAs we see in the image, the insert-type back protector complements perfectly with the Dainese Avro D1 jacket.

We don't have any elements of anchorage to our body because this type is thought to be located in the hollow of the back of the jacket. Make sure the compatibility of each jacket with the back protector; we recommend that you look at the description of the products on the website.

Pro-Armor Chest Protectors

Dainese also offers chest protectors in its Pro-Armor range, such as this two-piece Chest, designed to fit into the housings of jackets that have holes.

Dainese Pro-ArmorThe Pro-Armor family has chest protectors, also to be located in the jacket.

Pro-Armor Lumbar

Complementing the range, there are also Pro-Armor Lumbar. Designed for the lower part of the kidneys, they have a protector with a velcro strap and are available in two models: Long and Short.

Dainese Pro-ArmorDainese also markets Pro-Armor Lumbar to protect the lower back, at the level of the kidneys.

In short, the Level 2 protections is always a good idea, and the arrival of this Pro-Armor range is an amazing new. Dainese extends the offer in the market with a quality product, which surprises by its low weight and practicality. Surely this translates as one of the accessories of the brand most valued by bikers.